Supreme Court sides with Koch Bros. and ALEC, undercuts public service workers


by Félix Pérez/image courtesy of Matt Schilder

The U.S. Supreme Court, in its ruling today on an Illinois home health care worker case, sided with the Koch Brothers and other radical front groups, undermining the rights and protections of public service workers and creating instability for working families that are just beginning to dig themselves out of the Great Recession.

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The court, in its narrow 5-4 Harris v. Quinn decision written by conservative Justice Samuel Alito, supported the argument by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation (NRWLDF) that compelling eight home health care workers to pay their share of the cost of maintaining union-negotiated protections and benefits was a violation of their right to free speech. The Koch Brothers, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)  and their allies have long claimed “fair share” fees are used for political activities.

NRWLDF has two staff attorneys identified on the group’s website as “Koch Associates.” The billionaire Koch Brothers plan to spend nearly $300 million on elections this year through its political arm, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), to promote their anti-worker agenda, which includes eliminating the fair share legal precedent established by the Supreme Court more than 35 years ago. AFP has for several years waged a national campaign against increasing the minimum wage and has put its massive budget toward supporting tax cuts for the wealthy, weakening Medicare and workplace safety rules, opposing unemployment insurance and bankrolling the Tea Party.

Labor analysts say today's ruling aimed at silencing workers. “Quality public services, economic stability and prosperity starts with strong unions, but today the Supreme Court of the United States created a roadblock on that path to the American Dream,” said Arizona high school teacher and National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel in a statement.

Through model legislation, ALEC helps the Koch Brothers and like-minded corporate elites limit the rights of teachers, firefighters, police and other public workers through “right to work” legislation and the elimination of fair share, the mechanism by which all workers share the cost of union-derived wages, benefits and retirement security.

ALEC, funded in part by the Kochs, often pursues a parallel track with Charles and David Koch in seeking to silence the voice of workers. A “bill mill” that pairs corporate lobbyists with politicians who vote behind closed doors on model bills, ALEC has helped the Kochs pass anti-worker and school privatization legislation in state after state.

Said Van Roekel:

Americans count on quality public services provided by public employees like educators. We need workplaces, including public schools, where front-line employees have a voice. Today’s decision shuts the door on one proven method for ensuring that public sector workers’ voices are heard.  At a time when we are just starting to dig out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, we should be creating an economy that works for all of us—not taking radical steps that undermine the rights of public workers while creating uncertainty and instability in the workplace.

The court did not entirely side with the anti-worker NRWLDF; the plaintiffs sought to abolish unions effectively by arguing that it is unconstitutional to require any non-union members to pay to reimburse unions that bargain on their behalf. Today’s ruling exempts only the eight plaintiffs from fair share.

Unions will not be deterred by today’s ruling, said Van Roekel. “Despite today’s decision, we know that public sector workers will continue to organize — in public sector bargaining states and non-bargaining states, in agency fee states and right to work states — because public sector workers know that a union is the best way for all of us to ensure good schools, quality public services and economic prosperity.”

Reader Comments

  1. You folks have been dumbing down our kids for long enough. It is time Parents, communities, States and private entities took over educating our children. Maybe, just maybe, it won’t be to late to get our Country back to what our Founders intended. Sick of you socialist cretins indoctrinating our Nations youth. Thanks to ‘public’ (government) education, we have College students who can’t pinpoint he Pacific Ocean on a map, can’t name the three branches of government, and can’t even tell you who we fought in the Revolutionary War!! I think you have done enough damage. Why don’t you let people who actually care about our kids and our Country take over?

    1. I could make that same statement for the children who were taught right after the revolutionary war. I think you read way too many papers to be non-biased in your approach. Not everyone will need to know that information to obtain and maintain a job.

    2. @Carol.
      By looking at your grammar, syntax, etc. I see you are one of those “dumbed-down” .
      Poor mis-guided soul. How bad did that teacher embarass you a few years ago?

    3. Well, it’s amazing that America achieved anything at all in the last 200 years then, considering that most of the people who “made this country great” as people love to tout came up through the public school systems. I will fight you and whoever I need to to keep from turning over our education system to private VULTURES!! They are NOT accountable to parents or the public, they will cherrypick students and leave the rest to rot, they will suck public money out of our society and pocket it, and, if I have it right, will consider among the options, planting kids in a room with a computer monitor for all their classes. Are there improvements that need to be made? Of course. And one of the FIRST is to get the people who would profit from schools FAILING away from the SCHOOLS!!

    4. You think corporations and the wealthy care about kids, other than their own? They’re the force behind charter schools/private education. Their goal is to get public money into private hands, period.
      You talk as if all people who come out of public ed are totally ignorant. This is a gross mischaracterization, ie, lie.
      It may interest you to know that charter schools do not do better than public, and many do worse.

  2. Although I’m not aware of all the facts, Gov. Walker doesn’t have a reputation of being supportive towards public education either for the students or the teacher as a professtional.

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