Corporate tax avoidance obliterates opportunity for millions of students


By Amanda Litvinov

For most Americans, it’s Tax Day. And while so many who play by the rules hustle to meet today’s filing deadline, some of the nation’s richest corporations won’t cough up a cent.

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We’re talking about companies that have been profitable every year since 2008, with some of them seeing record profits. We’re talking about companies that are able to contribute to the common good, but don’t.

Instead, they pay lobbyists to do everything they can to stack the deck in their favor.

“Corporate lobbyists incessantly claim that our corporate tax rate is too high, and that it’s not ‘competitive’ with the rest of the world,” said Robert McIntyre, the director of Citizens for Tax Justice. The organization’s latest report,  The Sorry State of Corporate Taxes, debunks both of those claims.

“Most companies aren’t paying anywhere near 35 percent of their profits in taxes, and far too many aren’t paying any U.S. taxes at all.”

A new analysis from the National Education Association shows that in the end, students pay a hefty price for corporate welfare.

The $363.6 billion dollars that those companies alone did not pay between 2008 and 2013 would have resulted in an additional $15.6 billion to fund federal education programs that millions of students and their families rely on.

Here’s what it meant for four key federal education programs:


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IDEA (Special Education Grants)

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Reader Comments

  1. As our dwindling middle class struggles to combat the pervasive influence from a “global economy,” initiated by Nixon’s visit to China, and the Free Trade policies (that have benefitted whom…?) that have pitted the high wage USA worker against sweatshops offshore, while major corporations make off with $BILLIONS in clear profit (most of which was garnered from our declining middle class consumer they’ve kicked to the curb), they park in offshore tax havens, who is going to pay for the upholding of our first rate national infrastructure, health & safety standards, police protection, education system, and all of the amenities that come with living in our Utopian society?

    Why, the struggling middle class, of course! You can’ t tax the “Job Creators!” How disingenuous!

  2. Here in North Carolina the state assembly has earmarked $50 million dollars for a school voucher program, making those funds available to any family wanting to send their child to a private school. Why can’t public schools keep taxpayer funds for their own needs, and churches and corporations supply scholarships to those who choose to attend private institutions? After all, they’ve both saved millions of dollars with their tax exempt status and corporate welfare! Public money for public needs, private money for private needs.

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