ALERT: FL special election down to the wire


With wall-to-wall radio and TV ads and mailers for the March 11 special election between lobbyist David Jolly and former Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink in Florida’s 13th Congressional District, it’s difficult to decipher which candidate supports issues that matter to Florida’s students and educators.

To help cut through the noise, Education Votes did its own research and came up with information that compares Sink and Jolly on key education issues and Social Security.

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  • Sink pledges to improve access to quality and affordable higher education, increasing the proportion of need-based student aid, and striking a better balance with merit-based scholarships.
  • Jolly’s campaign website does not mention higher education, but he supports a budget that freezes Pell Grants for 10 years despite the rising costs of higher education and allows interest rates to double on Stafford student loans.


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Reader Comments

  1. Why this is a close race is beyond me. Jolly is our home town candidate, born in Dunedin Florida. Sink is from North Carolina and ONLY moved to Pinellas county JUST to run for this race. Jolly was Congressman Bill Young’s council and I don’t have to tell anyone how much the late congressman meant for this county and especially its veterans. My vote goes for the candidate that has a personal attachment here, NOT some outsider whose ONLY goal is to advance a political career.

  2. The NEA SUPPORTS DEMOCRATS. Why would we take anything you say seriously? Obama has cut MEDICARE, but you do CARE about that. Jolly want to ensure that people who pay into that pyramid scheme called Social Security actually receive some money when it is there turn to retire.

    We need choice in education. We need our children free from the political correct and socialist behaviors of the NEA. I PRAY, that’s right, PRAY that we can have a place where we can teach our children the true values they need, like love of country, respect for one another, and hard work pays off. Instead you teach them homosexuality, big government provides all, and it is ok to steal someone else’s money because you don’t think it is fair from them to have it.

    I plan to vote for the constitutional candidate in every election cycle. I don’t like Democrats or Republicans who voliate that document. I also do not support any governmental agency that violates the same Constitution.

    I know this note will never see the light of day. But I wrote it anyway because this needed to be said.

    1. Of course the NEA supports Democrats. They care about a quality education for all students, not just the children of the 1%. And of course you will label me a socialist just because I believe that in the United States of America, which is touted as being the best country to have been lucky to be born in, everyone deserves a quality education, the best healthcare, freedom of religion, and acceptance of differences.
      I was a teacher for 35 years and I never once saw homosexuality on my curriculum nor did I teach my children to steal. But I did teach them to share, take turns, talk nice to people, and not to be judgmental. The 1% can keep their millions but again I am a socialist because I think they need to pay the same 27% taxes that I pay. Oh, and don’t get me started on the parts of the constitution that they decide are important. They pick sentences from it to swear by just like they pick passages from the Bible and conveniently forget other passages. By the way, you need to learn the difference between there, their and they’re.

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