Spread the word: ALEC’s education agenda not good for kids or public schools


by Brian Washington

All across the country students, parents, educators, and community leaders are teaming up to get the word out about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and its destructive anti-children and anti-public education agenda.

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ALEC is privately funded and it’s members are some of the most ultra-conservative, right-wing state lawmakers from across the nation and many huge corporations. It’s also made up of foundations and think tanks that support a free market and limited government. These groups work together, in secret, to promote and protect the interests of the 1-percent.  ALEC uses money from its wealthy donors to wine and dine state lawmakers and, in exchange, these lawmakers promote its “model legislation” back home.

As pointed out last week by Education Votes, ALEC is using vouchers to dismantle public schools and, in the process, destroying the best chance for all children to have access to a quality education.

Now it’s time for you to spread the word. Education Votes and Stand up to ALEC  are using social media to bring attention to ALEC and its negative impact on public education, but we need your help. Share the graphics below on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and let your community know that ALEC is putting the future of our children and their education in jeopardy.

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Reader Comments

  1. If a school has a large percent of it students coming from higher socioeconomic families, then that school will do whatever is necessary to keep out students coming from lower socioeconomic families even if their district allows choice. The way this is done is simple. Each school has a maximum allowed student population based on several factors. They have an open enrollment period such as two weeks at the end of January. During this time, parents can apply to any school in the district. Then the school/district Administration looks at the numbers and then they place the students in schools that have extra room for transfer students. Now, two things occur to complete this process. First, the “Best” schools will be given all top performing students who usually come from families of well educated and higher socioeconomic parents. When the “Best” school has reached its allowed maximum, then the other students are placed in any other lower performing school with room available. This way the parents of the “Best” school keep out the undesirable students and can legally segregate their school and their children to keep them safe and not expose them to the children from the other side of the tracks. The few high performing students on the wrong side of the tracks get to be exceptions so the politicians can say they are allowing school choice for everyone! The few students who are high performing get to win the lottery and are allowed to attend the “Best” school as long as they continue to meet all the rules to stay there and at the same time the other schools lose their POSITIVE ROLE MODEL students and are thereby, going to be even lower performing due to losing their few students who might have help larger numbers compete to be the best at their school. So, high socioeconomic levels and high performance levels determine which choice school your children are allowed to attend. This process has nothing to do with unions or teachers. Teachers have no voice in how this system works. I know this because I have worked in several different states over 40 years and the direction we are headed in looks like extreme segregation by socioeconomic levels of families. Edward Bellamy needs to return and write a New Book, “Looking Backward, 2100”.

  2. Suzi, send your child to any school you want; Christian, atheist, it doesn’t matter. Just so long as you pay for it yourself, although. Vouchers were an experiment (and a scam) that didn’t work. Period.

  3. Vouchers and school choice at the one thing that lets kids escape failing schools – especially those union dominated systems that are failing the children with low graduations. Only the union dominated who are protecting their turf object to “choice.” And why is it that liberals/progressives who want choice in other things abject to giving low income parents a choice as to where to send their children?

    1. Suzi,
      Why is it then that charter schools are actually performing more poorly than traditional public schools? Why is it that unionized states perform significantly better than right to work states in education? Why is it that charter schools are constantly failing and being shut down in the state of Ohio because of poor performance, yet their founders are allowed to walk into the sunset with millions in tax payer dollars that they get to keep as a profit? If the facts backed up anything that you posted, you would have a point. Why is it that conservative politicians continue to redistribute tax dollars to failing charter schools despite the obvious? Because these charter school owners continue to give large amounts of this money back to them in campaign contributions. Your post would sound very logical if the facts supported what you are saying in any way. Unfortunately they do not.

    2. Suzi – It’s not about choice, it’s about using public taxpayer dollars to send someone’s child to a private school. I believe in freedom of choice, so if you want to send your child to a private school, fine. Request private institutions i.e. businesses, corporations, or the private school itself to subsidize those students whose parents believe public education doesn’t meet their needs. Public funds for public schools, private funds for private schools.

    3. My husband’s state embraced charter schools. What occurred was a mass exodus of the more affluent not just in the schools but the communities. The result was schools of generational poverty above 90% and communities that were becoming unsustainable. High foreclosure rates dropped his home value from $108K to $38K. It was not a choice for the poor. Factors such as transportation denied the poor options of attending charter schools even if it had crossed their mind. For many people of generational poverty, choice is not foremost, living in the moment and survival are. For generational poverty families education is an abstraction. Based on observations, the argument of choice for the poor applies to all but is acted upon by few.

    4. You are dumb. You have no idea what you are talking about. You are the kind of person who is easily swayed and will be the demise of this great country. I repeat…you are dumb.

    5. Suzi Jet, You are dumb. You have no idea what you are talking about. You are the kind of person who is easily swayed and will be the demise of this great country. I repeat…you are dumb.

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