Activists gather in Washington D.C. to protest ALEC gathering


by Brian Washington

Public school activists rallied today in Washington, DC in support of workers’ rights, public education, and democracy and against the destructive, corporate agenda being  promoted by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

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The demonstration took place outside the Grand Hyatt hotel, where ALEC’s annual meeting is taking place. Education Votes recently reported that policies promoted by ALEC and its network of right-wing state lawmakers and corporate fat cats are driving more children into poverty.

However, ALEC is also responsible for promoting legislation that undermines middle-class families and cheats students out of the quality public education they deserve. ALEC-backed bills include legislation that would do the following:

  • Privatize public education
  • Disinvestment from public services
  • Deny workers a voice on the job; and
  • Disenfranchise communities of color.

ALEC’s annual meetings coincides with national reports that the organization is facing a funding crisis due to an exodus of major corporate donors and almost 400  conservative state lawmakers.

Learn more about ALEC and its impact on students, public education, and middle class families.

Reader Comments

  1. I contend, that the blame for the downfall of America the Beautiful, once the land of opportunity for all, lies at the feet of BIG $$$$$, and America, Inc., and ALEC is a large part of the current problem. Bear with me…

    1. Free Trade Agreements (treaties) that allowed our magnificent manufacturing and industrial sector to be cast to the four winds to garner larger profit margins for America, Inc.

    2. Deregulation fever (Repeal of Glass Steagall that ushered in the era of security fraud by the smartest men in the room- Savings and Loan crisis, Long Term Capital Management, Enron, Bernie Madoff, and the Subprime Mortgage fraud that brought down the whole financial house, or should I say house of cards? ),

    3. Tax policy (the reduction of marginal rates from 71% to 28%), no need to invest our vast wealth in the USA to get a tax break, they got it up front. Increasingly the best game on the Street is in the ‘Multinational Corporations” that goes hand in hand with #1.

    4. Corporate Loopholes for offshoring Corporations (itemized deductions, credits, write-offs, subsidies, etc). that use our tax dollars to incentivize the offshoring of our middle class manufacturing jobs.

    5. Citizens United vs. The Federal Election Commission (unlimited political contributions without the need for disclosure- hell, China could be purchasing our elections…)

    This clip is a very thorough explanation of how we have dug this hole for ourselves:…

    Coming out of the Great Depression with the lessons fresh on our nation’s and our elected officials’ minds, measures were put into law to fortify the middle class:

    1. The Employment Act of 1946

    2. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

    3. The Wagner Act

    4. Dept. of Labor Laws -Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (minimum wage, child labor laws, overtime compensation, etc.)

    There were the same outcries back then you hear today from the usual suspects. Namely: these laws were an infringement on our freedoms, anti-capitalist, socialist measures that would break the backs of industry and destroy jobs, etc. The results, however, were the cultivation of the mightiest consumer economy the world has ever seen.

    I also contend that the only entity that CAN intervene to get our consumer economy re-fortified with the disposable income that spurs an uptick in consumer spending is the US Government and policies that refortify our middle class. Ironically, America, Inc. and their lackeys in congress have done a very good job of convincing a significant number of USA citizens that the USA Government is the ENEMY, and if they just comply to the mantra of the Koch brothers and their wealthy friends, ALEC included, and lay down their only defense (Government policies to rebuild a middle class) it will all go well with them… Meanwhile the vast wealth of the USA continues to flow up hill into the deep pockets of a Plutocratic class and all across the globe……

  2. ALEC must be gotten out of our schools. Common Core needs to be taken out of schools, all the children are learning is how to be good test takers. Title I and Special Education must be refunded and give our special needs children a chance. I am speaking of TN.

  3. What is really needed is a listing of the businesses/corporations that are ALEC mainstays so that we consumers can decide if we want to patronize them against our own best interests. ALEC does NOT want sunshine or transparency except among its minions, certainly not among those of us who are being used and exploited by their right-wing extreme activities.

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