Our Schools national day of action December 9


On December 9th educators will join parents, students and community leaders across the country to demand direct involvement in decisions that impact public schools.

Join us for a local event in your area December 9.

180x180We are standing up for America’s students rather than market-driven reforms which don’t address inequity – from high stakes testing, crowded classrooms, school closures, and the corporate grab draining school budgets. The people who know our students best — parents, educators, community members, and students themselves — are fighting for public schools ALL our children deserve.

Let’s join together on December 9th to stand up for our schools and our solutions. Simply input your zip code to find local events in your area.

Karen Schow, a Boise, ID educator, said it well in a recent article on Education Votes:

I’ve been teaching for 15 years, always special education, and I love it as much today as I did when I started. Politicians are short-changing not just my special education students, but those across the state, and this is why I’m participating in the Day of Action.

Can’t find a local event in your area? Need instructions and resources on how to host your own event? Click here to see our complete toolkit and download what you need!

Reader Comments

  1. New Jersey will be participating in Newark with actions that started on Friday in solidarity with advocates and educators across the nation!

  2. It is about time public educators were speaking out and not just allow the unions to carry the burden of defending public education in AM. Unions have been successfully belittled by self interest corporatists and GOP political operatives. Public Education is the key to sustaining democracy as per Jefferson and the Govt of “We the people” has to be the bulwark against the wannabe kings.

    1. I would be curious to know how much money testing companies make from our school districts (along with the AP couse business).
      It’s hard not to imagine that these testing companies are making a nice profit marketing testing above all else in the educational market.
      I grew up with standardized testing in the 60’s and 70’s but it was one form of educational evalutation along with other markers such as daily grades, projects and teacher evaluations.
      A whole education and a whole evaluation make a whole student–not one number on a computer read-out sheet.

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