Educators and No Child Left Behind: It’s time to speak up for students


by Brian Washington

We know that all students deserve great public schools, and we know that sometimes Congress needs a little push from us to do the right thing.

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After several failed attempts, Congress once again has the opportunity to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), and we need to make sure they hear directly from educators about the appropriate supports and policies needed so that all students are provided an education that allows them to thrive in the 21st Century. This summer, we have the responsibility and opportunity to help Congress do just that.

Here is your chance to take the first step in helping protect our public schools. In the next 30 seconds, you can guarantee your voice will be heard.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to have a critical moment in the fight over ESEA to determine the appropriate federal role in education while still ensuring equity for students most in need. We are currently operating under the version of ESEA named No Child Left Behind (NCLB), and it’s critical to all educators, students and parents that the new law makes the right changes and improvements.

We need to ensure Congress knows the best improvements to make to ensure we give all our children the highest quality education. You can help make sure Congress does not misuse this chance to help our public schools by stealing funds away in the form of private school vouchers. And it’s high time that Congress ends its obsession with high-stakes, poor quality standardized tests. We cannot let Congress act without making our voices heard.

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Reader Comments

  1. My problem with NCLB is that they are being left behind. One of my clients was “socially promoted” to the next grade even though she failed every class. She will continue to fall behind while being “socially promoted” until high school, where she will feel stupid and eventually drop out. She gets “special attention” in her regular classes, but no help to help her really understand, so she fails. To me, this is not helping our children. Three of my new clients are young people who dropped out of school because they ended up in high school without knowing anything. Some kids are just slower than others and they need more help.

  2. I am a retired Technology Assistant for Guilford County Schools.I taught the computer lab plus keeping the computers in every school that I worked at up and running.I also did the minor repairs, did the orders for he ink for each school I worked at. I had my networking engineer certificate.

    I taught the teachers how to do the programs, that I learned in college and work shops. I really loved working with the students and teacher. I got my reward when a student mastered what I taught them. It would have been much better if the pay was better. I had to mow and clear peoples houses to have enough money to buy groceries and have gas money.

    At least in the computer lab I worked with a student until they mastered what I was teaching them. I really don’t know who sets the pay scale for teachers and assistants. This should be based on what the person is teaching.I did not want to be a certified teacher.I really enjoyed teaching the students what I learned in college. I even taught my student how to do copy, paste, and how to insert pictures in to a document. These were elementary students and they really loved coming to the lab.

    Teachers do not get paid enough, the education they have to pay for to learn all that they need to teach our children. Most of the teachers that I worked with had to work extra jobs to have enough money to help support their families. Please help by giving them the money that they deserve.

    Thank you,
    Wanda Mounce

  3. I want to recommend that EVERYONE concerned with public education read “What Does It Mean To Be Well Educated” by Alfie Kohn. Public education reform is a sham. What we need to do is MODERNIZE our public education system. Modernization of our public schools does NOT involve high stakes tests. Modernization of our public education sytem means providing the funding necessary to provide as many of our children and adolsescents as possible the opportunity to experience a world class education (use Finland as an example!).

  4. Until we get back to teaching our children respect and discipline; no amount of Private Industry Testing; no matter how frequently they are applied will yield a different outcome or result! Teacher have for too long been made the scapegoats of a corporate take over scheme rooted in processing and programming children as if their were widgets moving down a conveyer belt. If you let corporations manufacture tests designed to refocus away from our efforts in teaching towards evaluation of what their opinion’s of what a teacher should be “We are all Lost”.

  5. Republicans have an evil agenda, no doubt. However, we need to get away from the Federal level such as NCLB as well as Race to the Top and leave it to the states. The constitution grants the state level not the Federal level the business of education. It is ashame that Federal monies manipulate the state. Bush needed to go away with his agenda and so does Obama. Perhaps my union dues would be best spent upholding the constitution and fighting against any Federal influence in education. Stronger power needs to go back to localities.

    1. Yes, the GOP does not want well educated employees. They want well trained employees. Until solutions are found to teach to students educational levels such as with ESOL students being tested and being placed at their appropriate grade level education will continue to plunder.

    2. We DON’T need to let states take care of the education issues. That is the whole issue evolved in America where citizens in rural Kentuckey and Tennessee were allowed to learn a substandared education while other states like Connecticutt learned a quality education leading to college and a better economic future. But the Federal government, in the process used presently, can not create any bills that properly address education standards. Its like going to a restaurant to eat and there are two factions in the kitchen and two hundred cooks making your meal. They each have to have input as to what and how it gets cooked, slowing the preparation time and messing up the taste of the food. By the time you finally get served it is years later and the food is horrible. I have seen legislation that at first sounded like a great idea (NCLB or Obama Care) and by the time each side adds and removes portions of the original it comes out something totally different that doesnt address the issue or correct the problem anymore. A quality, equitable bill should be created BEFORE anyone votes yea or nay. The way the status quo is now each side fights to add or change it so much it ends up helping no one. Lastly, we need to move away from the idea we need to find who to blame and focus on how can we do what we can to make each child the best THEY can be. Creating evaluations that focus on what the teacher did wrong and focus on what the teacher, parent, student and support educators can do for each child individually to guide them to a level of understanding that is possible and equitable for them. Some kids are destined to be a rocket scientist while others are destine to be our next William Shakespeare. Ask any playwright or scientist to do the others job and you will no doubt get answers like: “I am not good at that.” or “What in the world is a Quantum Singularity?”

    3. Your union dues are most likely going to support the federal governments’ agenda, not giving more power to the state and districts like it should. Look in to not supporting the NEA and using the extra $ on important issues.

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