Livestream: NEA VP Lily Eskelsen talks school safety at Netroots Nation

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Not Another Newtown: Building a Movement to Prevent Gun Violence

Rampant gun violence has plagued our country for decades but thanks to NRA lobbyists, it’s been a nearly untouchable issue. Each shooting seems to be more violent and tragic than the last. When a man was able to easily access guns and massacre 26 people, including 20 children, at a Connecticut elementary school last December, it opened the country’s eyes to the need for stronger gun laws.

It seemed that our elected leaders finally had the backbone and integrity to take action. Sadly, we were disappointed that even the most common sense and widely supported legislation couldn’t pass in the Senate. But an outside movement is still building power, and several state legislatures have begun to take bold action to curb gun-related deaths. In this session we’ll hear from some of the leaders of this movement about our successes, failures and what the Netroots can do to help stem the tide of gun violence and keep our communities safe.

Moderator: Jehmu Green

Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene is an evangelist for disenfranchised and vulnerable communities. Her commentary has been featured on The Daily Show, all major news networks, and in The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone and Essence Magazine. Together with Jose Antonio Vargas, Alicia Menendez, and Jake Brewer, Jehmu co-founded Define American to elevate the immigration conversation. She is a former President of the Women’s Media Center and served as an advisor and national surrogate for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. She prays every night Secretary Clinton will run again. Jehmu also previously served as President of Rock the Vote. Under her leadership, young voter turnout increased by 11%, the largest increase ever recorded. She consults campaigns, non-profits, and corporations on media strategy, but on many days would rather be singing country music from a stage in Nashville…a dream deferred.


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  1. The President of the NEA recently stated that the union would be doing whatever was necessary, “to make sure every child in our nation’s public schools has a safe and secure learning environment.”

    As a high school teacher, I would like to recommend the NEA consider supporting the ban of the following items that are unsafe and potentially harmful to our nation’s youth:
    1. pencils and pens as they can stab, mutilate or poison
    2. paper cutters and scissors as they can be used to slice, cut or dismember,
    3. copiers, printers, and laminating machines as they reach a temperature that can severely burn the skin
    4. food, beverages, or candy of any type as they can cause anaphylaxis, choking and death,
    5. staplers and staples as they can be used to pierce or stab the skin,
    6. all computers as they can access pornographic, violent, racial, sexist, religious, or political materials,
    7. paper as it can be used to disseminate false, illegal or slanderous information,
    8. teachers as they can instruct our most vulnerable members of society that citizens of the USA are guaranteed certain privileges. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom of the press. Right to assemble. Right to bear arms.

    “abusus non tollit usum” Abuse is not an argument against proper use.

    Caitlin Osborne

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