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May 7th is National Teacher Day, a time to thank the nation’s teachers—you and your colleagues–for all you do. And the best way to be thanked is to be respected as the professionals you are. So, for this Teacher Day, tell us, how can parents, students, politicians, and administrators best show you some respect?

For more information and resources for National Teacher Day, visit NEA.org/TeacherDay.

For more information and resources for National Teacher Day, visit NEA.org/TeacherDay.

Reader Comments

  1. Too many teachers are bullied by principals & central administrators.
    This is unconscionable and must stop. If we want kids to stop bullying kids, adults must stop bullying adults. They must set the example.

  2. I would agree with teacher mom, stopping the test mania and treating me like the educated professional that I am are very close. To an educator they are probably the same thing. However, right now the “reformers” (who are not educators) don’t seem to be able to differentiate. They need explicit commentary. Parents, opt out! Only you can send the real message.

  3. All of these wishes are important I teach Health and PE. Health Education needs to be given equal time with core subjects, Without a healthy body and understanding of how it works an how to take care of it (inc. the brain) all the extra help and homework , etc. is not going to be enough raise the almighty test scores. More physical activity would help also!

  4. Let me decide what my professional needs are.
    Let me figure out what I need to know and how to get it.
    Pay attention when I articulate my professional development needs
    I’m so very tired of administrators micromanaging me.

  5. IEP= Individualized
    not a curriculum that mandates each teacher be on the same page at the same time, teaching the exact same items to every child.

  6. People have demonized teachers. But, teachers ARE NOT the problem. How many parents have looked at me with a blank stare when I tell them their child needs help understanding? How many parents have complained about kids homework? How many children come to school without having had a book in their hand or having been read to? Please stop demonizing teachers. We can help children catch up, but we need parent’s help to do it. Teachers ARE NOT the problem, and I wish the parents and legislatures would realize that.

  7. I was going to choose stop the testing mania, but I think that last one sums it nicely. Leave me alone to do the job I am trained to do. Stop Micromanaging us with your bogus assessments.

  8. Regardless of which of those things I could get, I would still be wishing I had the others. The salary is the only thing that would compensate for it all.

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