Interactive map: Find out what your state stands to lose with the looming across-the-board cuts


At a minimum, education could still be hit with a cut of more than $3 billion this year. That’s a scary prospect for educators like Amanda from Oklahoma, who shared her Kids Not Cuts story with us through our Education Votes website:

Teachers and students in Oklahoma cannot afford more budget cuts. I teach, and I am a single mother of a child with disabilities. It is a sad day when I cannot even pay our basic bills from my teaching salary, have had my vehicle repossessed, and possibly will have to file bankruptcy. Teachers in Oklahoma haven’t had a cost of living raise in years. Not only that, but our classes are filled with wall to wall desks because of reduction in force in spite of our district growing. Stop cutting from education, unless an illiterate nation is your goal. Your education cuts hurt me, my son, my students, and ultimately our nation.

Check out the new interactive map below to find out how much your state stands to lose in education funding and how many students will be hurt by these draconian cuts. You can even click through to view and share a state specific infographic on the cuts with your social networks.

View 2013 Sequestration Map in a larger map

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