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How will you be remembered Senator McConnell? For serving honorably? Or for inflicting pain on millions, just to protect tax loopholes for corporations and the richest few? By refusing to budge, you and Republican leaders have guaranteed reckless, automatic cuts that will devastate our troops, first responders, students, educators, families, seniors, and could destroy a million American jobs. Is this how you want to be remembered, Senator McConnell?

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  1. We’ve had 30 years of the lowest marginal tax rates since before the Great Depression (see: history of marginal tax rates)

    There are a myriad of loopholes written into the tax code that allow the wealthy to hide their money from taxation (see: top ten ways the wealthy escape taxation)

    Corporate tax loopholes account for an estimated $340 BILLION in corporate welfare each year that go to subsidize the most profitable corporations this world has ever seen. (GE makes $4 BILLION pays zero tax, Facebook qualifies for a $425 MILLION tax refund, Exxon/Mobil, etc. etc.)

    Corporations who garner the lion’s share of their profits from the USA consumer market, park their vast profits in offshore bank accounts to escape taxation by their nation of origin with impunity (paying taxes to America the Beautiful is for chumps!). USA corporations (many of whom have offshored jobs) are sitting on $5 TRILLION in profits. (If just $1 BILLION draws a 5% return, sitting in a bank on on the market, that’s $50,000,000- $50 MILLION, get it?)

    Offshoring jobs: 50,000 manufacturing facilities closed up, 9 million jobs offshored (USA Midwest “Industrial Belt” becomes “Rust Belt in just 18 years) China- $1.36/hr. avg. wage exerting downward pressure on wages here to compete. (see history of FTAs)

    Small Businesses (now THERE’S the REAL “job creators;” how disingenuous that phrase has become) who employ USA workers, are cutting costs to the bone, and are, by necessity, exerting downward pressure on wages to compete in the “global economy” that benefits our “multinationals” tremendously.

    Our elected legislators who’ve been bought and paid for by BIG $$$ that has divided America the Beautiful into bits and pieces to turn a larger profit share, have not gone nearly far enough: Here’s a stab at a directional change that would help bring about solvency for our beloved nation:

    1. Return marginal tax rates to those used during the Eisenhower and Kennedy era; the BOOM YEARS! Write within the tax code, a provision for escaping this rate; that being- INVESTING this fabulous wealth in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! (USA corporations, USA Research and Development, USA Aeronautics, USA medical research, USA Entrepreneurialism, USA Bonds, USA Education Funds, USA Universities, NASA, USA construction companies to modernize the infastructure, philantropy, etc., etc.) This would channel the USA wealth into the USA and then back into the wealthy. If the wealthy wish to invest in the China derivatives, et. al., then they would be taxed on their income and returns at the marginal rate.

    2. Reduce corporate tax rates on USA corporations and businesses that stay home and hire USA workers, to anywhere from 0% to 15%, depending on the wage scale and benefits they pay their employees.

    3. Eliminate tax loopholes, subsidies, credits, write-offs, for offshoring corporations to ZERO, ZILCH, ZIPPO, NADDA!

    4. Tariff imports according to the exporting nation’s wage scale and human rights records. (Example: nations who use sweatshop labor conditions, and violate basic human rights would be tariffed at a higher rate, say, 60%, while nations that have a comparable wage scale to ours, and promote the human rights of their workforce would have access to our market, tariff-free.

  2. How can wanting universal background checks on all guns sold everywhere cause the loss of the 2nd amendment? The United States Congress needs to stop talking out of both sides of their mouth and put our children’s safety before their NRA campaign funds.
    I sincerely hope voters rememeber how their elected representatives vote on gun reform when they come up for re-election!

  3. What do the Republicans not understand about what the American people are saying? We elected President Obama because we trust him. He actually understands the hardships which the middle class is enduring. He knows that we are tired of being overworked while the top 1% continues to prosper. As a single grandmother helping my single daughter raise her 3 sons and i daughter, I work very hard to not allow that my family be a burden to society. It really upsets me knowing that so many rich people have so many Congressmen and women defending them so that their wealthy friends not lose their tax loopholes and deductions. America use to be a land of freedom and prosperity for all but now it is just for the wealthy.

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