Call Congress today to support Kids not Cuts!


Thanks to your hard work, we’ve made progress in the fight against the “fiscal cliff” cuts to education, but we’re not in the clear yet.

Call 1-888-979-7504 today to reach your members of congress and urge them to support Kids Not Cuts!

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At a minimum, education could still be hit with a cut of more than $3 billion this year. That’s a scary prospect for educators like Amanda from Oklahoma, who shared her Kids Not Cuts story with us through our Education Votes website:

Teachers and students in Oklahoma cannot afford more budget cuts. I teach, and I am a single mother of a child with disabilities. It is a sad day when I cannot even pay our basic bills from my teaching salary, have had my vehicle repossessed, and possibly will have to file bankruptcy. Teachers in Oklahoma haven’t had a cost of living raise in years. Not only that, but our classes are filled with wall to wall desks because of reduction in force in spite of our district growing. Stop cutting from education, unless an illiterate nation is your goal. Your education cuts hurt me, my son, my students, and ultimately our nation.

You can help stand up for students like Amanda’s and those in your own community by joining in our national call congress day. Call 1-888-979-7504 to be connected to your members of congress and urge them to support Kids Not Cuts. Remember to tell your elected official’s staff that you are an educator or voter in his or her state, and that the best way to reduce the deficit is to create jobs and close tax loopholes for the rich – not cut public education.

Call 1-888-979-7504 today to stand up for your students and public education!

Don’t worry if you’ve never called your members of congress before. When you call our hotline, you’ll hear a brief message reminding you of the best practices for contacting your elected officials and a refresher on the issues at hand to help you form your message.

Reader Comments

  1. I called Congresswoman Donna Edwards as a voter in Prince George’s County, Maryland. She is in support of fully-funded education, including making college more affordable and educators deciding how to best measure student progress. Her office’s advice: spread the word that the education of our children should be the nation’s top priority!

  2. I called Rep. Matt Salmon and Senator Jeff Flake. I am not an educator, but called as a citizen of Mesa, Arizona. Thanks for the 866 number, as I do not have long distance on my phone. Staff members I spoke with said they would pass on the message.

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