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You’ve heard about it in the news. You’ve read about it on EdVotes.org. It’s the fiscal cliff – automatic tax increases (including for low-income and middle-class families) and across-the-board budget cuts. Simply click the button below to take our quiz and see how much you know about the impact the fiscal cliff could have on public education and the middle class.

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  1. Honestly! Our Congress acts like an absentee parent when it comes to providing for “the children.” Oh, we’re all for “the children” and what “the children” need but when it comes to providing funding for “our children,” there are other priorities.

    So, don’t go around saying how important “the children” are and then give a look-at–the-hand look when it comes to putting it on the line with no excuses, lies, and stalling. These children don’t stay children forever so it has to happen now before they are having their own kids.

  2. Our government has been putting off dealing with the deficit for over 50 years that I’m aware of. They just keep doing what they think will get them reelected, instead of what’s right for our country. Every time they do that, the required cure gets more difficult and painful. We had the chance to elect a president who would deal with it last month, but narrowly missed that happening, due to some people who voted for freebies for themselves from the government.

    When the interest on the national debt rises to equal gross domestic product, this country will be through, gone, kaput, finished, bankrupt, past tense, ancient history. Whatever is required to save money anywhere in our country, to quit deficit spending, we need to do it. Quitting the over-regulation of commerce is one way the government could help. That would increase tax revenue without increase rates. Congressional pensions are one small area we might look at for cutting spending.. We need to quit printing more money, as the federal reserve has been doing in recent months. If that new money goes into circulation, everyone who has or earns money will feel the effects of inflation.

    If there are any teachers in the USA who can teach our current president the importance of living within our means, and how to accomplish it, then please, go for it. I’m not hopeful that things are going to get any better before they get a whole lot worse. We’ve got a president and congress fighting over a tax increase that at the very best, would bring in enough revenue to run the government for TEN DAYS!! If only we had statesmen instead of politicians!

    1. We had a president before Bush that balanced the budget, increased taxes, improved the economy and made fair progress towards education improvement, with balanced social programs so that rich and poor would benefit on both sides of the equation. He left us with a surplus budget and a healthy economy. Then what followed was pure folly. A new Republican president who wanted to show the world how tough we could be with the bad guys, the ones who were not as righteous as the US. So after ignoring all of the intelligence that he is given months before the tragic 9/11 the president is holding the wheel behind 9/11. Then he decides that he will take action with retaliation. But targets the wrong country (Iraq) We wind up in two wars, weapons of mass destruction used as a justification ploy followed by a lot of lies and cover ups, not to mention the unforgettable cost of US military lives and Iraqi lives. To finance the high cost of conducting two wars he gives wonderful tax breaks to the wealthy with justification that it will improve the economy. We go to war on a credit card. We should recognize one fact (check this out it is in the congressional budget office report) . The W. Bush administration proved to create the lowest volume of new jobs of any president in the past 20 years. Clinton had the highest job creation along with the best economy and all of that with an increase in income taxes. In the end Bush left us with a huge deficit and a near depression. Obama had a tough first term with absolutely the worst possible economy of any new president short of FDR. Then along comes Romney the story teller. He has the same formula as Bush.

      Oh Yes, I believe that would have solved our deficit problem. And with that I also believe that the moon is made of green cheese.

      What is happening in this country? It is that we are not being well served by our representatives in Washington. The citizen’s health and well being are not well served by the two branches of government . One only has to look at the stalemate today with the Republican’s concerning the budget and social programs and the Bush administration for historical examples.

      Now look at the conservative reaction to gun control following the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut. The fact that the national gun lobby has so much money invested and lavished to our lawmakers to maintain the status quo is absolutely unacceptable. We the voters are no longer being represented in Washington concerning the general well being of the public. Instead money and political influence is the main driver thereby allowing complete access to all types of weapons, accessible by most any person Rather than being represented by the majority of voters in this country we are being directed by the wealthy and influential, which are in fact the minority (but powerful) stakeholders.

      I believe in a government that is looking after the welfare of everyone, not just the powerful and well connected.

      Obama is measured, balanced and fair. He understands the needs on both sides of the equation and gives equal value to all components of this country. He is also a thinker and a listener. Unfortunately we presently have a congress controlled by conservative Republicans who’s only mission was/is to be obstructionist. I consider them guilty of not serving the American people. They are following the demands of their party leaders rather than solving problems of this country. This was not always the case but we are in a bad political stalemate.

  3. Please don’t cut from education and add higher college cost.. Our students are already behind nationally. North Carolina need to produce more students with high paying jobs and just basic pay jobs. Our students need to see themselves being chairpersons,ceo of their own company and having a good education starting in the early years ,I believe will help produce Presidents, Ceo’s in our children.

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