Kids Not Cuts Congressional calls extended


Yesterday’s national Kids Not Cuts call Congress day was a huge success! Thousands of educators and concerned citizens spoke up for public education through our call in line. We’ve received such a great response that we are extending the time to call indefinitely.

Call 1-866-293-7278 to help support Kids Not Cuts!

The call in line will be live indefinitely. If you missed our national call in day, now is your chance to make your voice heard!

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Share this story with your friends and social media networks. The more people who call, the more impact we’ll make!

When you call, you’ll hear a quick reminder about our message and what to tell your Senator’s staff, and then asked to enter your zip code before being connected to one of your elected officials. We are starting with connections to the US Senators this week and expect to add in connections to US Representatives in the future. If you would like to talk with both of your Senators, simply call the number a second time after completing your first call.

Remember to tell your Senator’s staff that you are a voter in his or her state, and that you want them to focus on creating jobs and protecting education, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Instead of making cuts to those programs, we should be letting the tax cuts for the top 2 percent expire so everyone is paying their fair share.

Call 1-866-293-7278 to make your voice heard!

We can avoid across the board cuts if we have a responsible solution that includes new revenue and protects middle class tax cuts.

Reader Comments

  1. Please support our kids today – it is they who will run our country tomorrow. It is extremely important that cuts not happen that will directly harm our children. Education is the ONE solid piece of each day that children can count on. Educators are truly making a difference one child at a time; with budget cuts that may not be the case. We need solid educational foundations for every child with supports in all academic areas. Consider the long term effects before you hack away at any level of funding in education.

  2. Please preserve Title One grants. We need Idea grants to continue in our schools. Please save school improvment grants, and do not make budget cuts which involve rural schools. Thank You

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