National Kids Not Cuts call Congress day tomorrow


NEA is setting up our own Educator Connector line to make it easy for members and allies in the community to reach their federal elected officials. On Wednesday, December 5, education activists like yourself who care about protecting education, Medicaid and Medicare funding can call 1.866.293.7278 and make their voices heard on this important question.

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Share this story with your friends and social media networks. The more people who call, the more impact we’ll make!

When you call, you’ll hear a quick reminder about our message and what to tell your Senator’s staff, and then asked to enter your zip code before being connected to one of your elected officials. We are starting with connections to the US Senators this week and expect to add in connections to US Representatives in the future. If you would like to talk with both of your Senators, simply call the number a second time after completing your first call.

Call 1-866-293-7278 tomorrow to make your voice heard!

Remember to tell your Senator’s staff that you are a voter in his or her state, and that you want them to focus on creating jobs and protecting education, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Instead of making cuts to those programs, we should be letting the tax cuts for the top 2 percent expire so everyone is paying their fair share.

We can avoid across the board cuts if we have a responsible solution that includes new revenue and protects middle class tax cuts.

Reader Comments

  1. I had to leave “the” message for Senator Boxer, but Jackie at Senator Feinstein’s office took my message politely and said she’d pass it along to the Senator. If every one of us does this small part our strength is in our numbers. We Are One!

  2. Many public educators are unfairly treated with Social Security Wind Fall Elemination and Government Pention Off Set- their earned benefits are eliminated or greatly reduced because they have worked both in private sector jobs paying into SS and paid into a public educatiors state retirement. These provisions hold back many talented people from entering teacher for fear of lossing their SS benefits- so students are not receiving the benefit of having these qualified people in the education system. Please ask your Senators and Congress person to support repealing WEP and GPO.

    1. I am one of those who is being horrified by Wind Fall. I did not know when I started teaching in Public Education 9 years ago that the huge years I paid into Social Security was being cut drastically because I was teaching! I would never have taken this job if I had been warned. I am NOT going to teach long enough to get my pension to even come close to what my Social Security would be. This is unfair. It doesn’t seem to apply to all states. WHY? I have relatives in NC that get both!

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