Kids Not Cuts


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  1. Please do not allow further cuts to education. Crowded classrooms, severely limited instructional supplies and decaying buildings is not the way to show that we care about our children and their education. Please, no more further cuts. An investment in education is an investment in our future.

  2. As a retired Reading Recovery teacher who is now working as a temporary instructional assistant in kindergarten in a Title 1 school, I am appalled at the lack of funds available to the school for basic supplies for our students such as construction paper. Staff members spend their own limited monies to purchase many items used in the classrooms. If we didn’t do this, our students would not receive the quality education they deserve. Remember, we are educating the future leaders of America. If we are serious about ensuring that America remains a leader in the world, we need to prepare our children for their roles as world class leaders. That means that all of our children receive the best possible education this country can provide regardless of their economic,social,racial or other status.

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