Ad campaign urges Congress to protect education, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid


by Félix Pérez

Students, seniors and the middle class should not bear the brunt of the burden to balance the federal budget, while the wealthy pay less than their fair share. That’s the message of a television and radio ad campaign launched today to urge Congress to protect education, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

“How do we move our country forward and reduce the deficit? By creating jobs and growing our economy, not by cutting programs that families rely on most,” says the TV ad.

The ad campaign, the handiwork of the National Education Association, the Service Employees International Union and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, is aimed at senators in Colorado, Missouri and Virginia, and key congressional districts in Missouri, Pennsylvania and Alaska.

The TV ad calls for “investing in job creation, extending the middle class tax cuts, and protecting Medicare, Medicaid and education from cuts.”


Mary Kusler, director of NEA Government Relations, said the ads will target House Republicans who appear open to raising tax revenue and Senate Democrats who have appeared willing to cut programs such as Medicare and Social Security. The ads will run over the four-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

“Members of Congress have to ask themselves who should make the bigger sacrifice — America’s school children and middle class families or corporations and wealthy CEOs?” said Kusler. “It makes no sense to rob Peter to pay Paul, especially when Peter is a five-year-old who simply is trying to learn in school.”

Reader Comments

  1. Thank you Thomas Perry for the phrase, “FOX-ification of America.” I can’t wait to quote you. Also for your well reasoned response.

  2. Unless government is willing to cut spending it doesn’t matter how much money they get from the “rich” to pay their “fair share”. Our government is spending millions more than it is taking in. Some cuts must be made or the whole system will collapse.

  3. Nothing on God’s green earth will advance the subjugation of the USA and its citizens or threaten our sovereignty more than this steady move toward Plutocracy. The insidious use of BIG $$$ by the Plutocrats to influence our legislature for policies that have benefitted their bottom line has opened the floodgates for our magnificent industrial base to be flung to the four winds, our working class to be kicked to the curb, and our financial industry to become dependent of the derivatives from slave labor abroad, while the middle class languishes and more and more of our citizens slip into poverty.
    Ironically, the very people who should be up in arms about all of this, the massive, voiceless, under-represented, and powerless middle class, has had their attention diverted from the true nature of the economic treason perpetrated against them, thanks in large part to their naiveté and willingness to believe the lies of the political party that has abandoned them in favor of the perpetrators, and partly because of the non-stop litany of half-truths, untruths, and fear mongering; the parroting of the well-crafted cries of outrage that feed their audience’s prejudices.
    The party that promotes the furtherance of blind capitalism, favors the elite, and believes competition in a free market is the key to prosperity and the answer for all of our woes would not lift a finger to level the playing field that we find ourselves in, competing with sweatshops for jobs while these cheap products flood our shores, tariff-free, driving Made In USA out business unless we follow suit; cut costs to the bone, and reduce wages here.
    Most Americans heard about the human rights violations of Red China, but figured that was China’s problem; no skin off my behind… Now these very slave labor forces are bringing the mighty USA to its knees because our Plutocrats are exploiting them for all they’re worth, as they exploit the middle class consumer market with this cheap shyt they’ve shipped back home, even as they receive tax money (loopholes, exemptions, etc.) to help offset the cost of setting up shop on foreign soil, then park their vast wealth in offshore accounts. In absolute servitude our GOP, in an attempt to reduce taxes and give even more breaks to their overlords so as to spare them even the slightest “burden” as contributing members of the greatest nation on earth, would attack the public sector, and starve off those programs that help our most needy, while they undermine the only hope the USA has for solvency; namely a prosperous middle class with a decent pay from which taxes are garnered right off of their checks. The GOP further propagate the message that paying taxes to the beautiful USA is for chumps, and would have us believe, through some kind of reverse psychology, that the USA Government is the enemy. Diabolically twisted!
    My attempt to discern the intent of these types of opinion pieces has me thinking back to the Third Reich when the propaganda machine whipped up this type of fear and loathing, preying on the worst instincts of human nature to hoodwink the masses to the real motives of the Nazis. The Great Sellout of the USA, perpetrated by the elite against the middle class and poor to consolidate wealth and power at the top as they pit us, one against another, needs deceptive cover like the articles I’ve been reading in these propaganda pieces to fool the masses, while we march steadily toward a Plutocracy with its victims in strenuous, full-throated approval.

    1. In last paragraph, I meant to say that I’ve been reading a lot of opinion pieces that I get through my email service that link to cites that promote the party line of the right. Sorry for the confusion.

    2. Kerry,
      I resonate with your frustration and outrage. The GOP squandered precious resources’, spared no expense to undermine the efforts of one of our nation’s finest Presidents. Obama steadfastly stood up for and attempted to raise the political bar for the average guy and our most vulnerable. I’m gratified to see that the majority of woman and minorities were not deceived by the attempted FOX-ification of America, and I’m an older white male! I’m proud of much of the results of the election, but alarmed to observe that many Americans refuse to see the shallowness of the bulk of the GOP platform. Even with GOP’s systematic and illegal efforts to undermine our voting process by disenfranchising tens of thousands of voters and hence our precious democracy, the peoples voice prevailed, and certain economic /social disaster was averted. The GOP serves the greedy, bigoted and narrow minded few that refuse to embrace the concept of sharing our resouces fairly and always offering a helping hand to those in need.
      Thomas Pirie

  4. The American working middle class are beyond fed up with subsidizing everybody from congressional politicians, military contractors, big oil, corporate farms, etc., etc. Where are the good jobs for us? Where are the educational opportunities for the working class that don’t include voucher “coupons”? Where’s the equal opportunity for the labor that runs the country? If we are sold out yet again, it’ll be the start of a cultural revolution that will make Occupy Wall Street look like a block party. Senators, Congressmen/women, you’ve been warned. Hope you’re listening.

  5. The ads are a good idea but it is NOT ENOUGH. Our PAY DECREASES & CONGRESS people GET RICHER & UNION DUES GO UP. All UNIONS need TO UNITE as one if we want our VOICES HEARD. UNIONS need to RESHAPE THEMSELVES. Our dues r spent on ads and other things but why not UNITE the PEOPLE. OUR STRENGTH IS IN THE MASSES (teachers, police officers, counselors, State employees and private corporations employees who r struggling, postal workers, nurses, fire fighters, bus drivers , etc.). All I hear from the unions is how each district or Stare is different but it is not true. WE R ONE COUNTRY. WE ALL have the SAME PROBLEM. We have a CORPORATE RUN CONGRESS that is BLEEDING US DRY while WE PAY for THEIR LIFE TIME excellent HEALTH CARE, PENSIONS, PERKS, 1st class TRAVEL expenses, EXPENSIVE PARTIES & LUNCHES/DINNERS, high SALARIES, etc… while Congress RECEIVES millions$$$ IN CORPORATE CONTRIBUTIONS & INSIDER TRADING. WE NEED ONE VOICE.

  6. Please let’s stop worrying about large corporations & millionaires and tax them at the level they should be ! Nothing is trickling down…they already have their cars, boats, villas & legacies so are not buying anything of importance to the “economy”.

  7. I am a 67 year old Senior and Vietnam Military Serviceman and any Politician be it Senator or Congressman would be voted out of office back in the 1950’s and 1960’s that tried to change Social Security Benefits. This is the only Governemnt Program that construction workers, factory workers, etc.realize that because they paid into the program they would be able to retire someday with a retirement benefit.
    All Politicians, City Workers, State Workers, Federal Workers, etc. should all be paying into it. Not just some worikng Americans. This is wrong.
    The Wealthy Millioners should have to pay more taxes.
    Tell Paul Ryan we don’t need no Voucher system.

  8. Why congress would want to give the military money they neither asked for or need is beyond my wildest imagination. Oh, imagination just clicked in… military industrial complex… you know, the one Eisenhower warned against? Yank that proposal back and save the dignity of Social Security and Medicare!

  9. Its a shame and a disgrace for any Senator or Congressional representative to even think about cutting funding for education. Are they advocating for my grand children to grow up illiterate? Put them in a class room with about fifty children for about one school year and let them experience just how much less learning children receive in crowded class rooms. Better yet put Paul Ryans children in a public school with fifty or so children in one class room and judge their learning skills after just one school year. Many thanks for letting me comment, I had much more to say but best to not get irrational. Billy Ramey

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