Election Day is almost here – Protect your vote!


from NEA.org

Voter misinformation is so widespread, election-day confusion is inevitable, warns the League of Women Voters, with minority communities and seniors disproportionately targeted by blatant voter confusion and intimidation tactics.

In one Arizona county, the Spanish translation on voting registration card documents listed the wrong election date. Black, Hispanic, and elderly voters in Florida and Virginia received official-sounding phone calls informing them they can vote by phone. Ominous billboards warning that voter fraud is a felony with a prison sentence and heavy fines mysteriously appeared in minority neighborhoods in Ohio and Wisconsin. And these are just a sample of the scams voters have had to circumnavigate.

Whether or not you’re a vulnerable voter, you can help spread the word to relatives and friends who live in battleground states and communities targeted by voter disinformation campaigns. While NEA works with nonpartisan civil and voting rights groups to stop the billboard ads, here’s what you can do to clear the hurdles and cross the finish line in the last leg of the 2012 race.

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