Educators critique candidates’ debate remarks


by Colleen Flaherty/SlideRocket presentation by Johntel Greene

After this week’s presidential debate, Education Votes spoke with educators to gauge their reaction to the candidates’ discussion of the issues.

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While the debate was concerning foreign policy, both candidates discussed education. Mitt Romney confessed his “love” for teachers and pushed for the end of teachers’ unions. He also touted his tenure as governor of Massachusetts.

President Barack Obama expanded on his support for public education and criticized Romney for his proposal to slash the education budget and not make schools a priority.

“President Obama fully understands that education is vital to economic growth and global competition. That’s why he has made education a top priority since taking office,” said Tracey Pratt of Massachusetts.

Reader Comments

  1. There has been a long determined approach to create more opportunity and suggestions that would lead to a means bridging educational and employment choices. As President Obama interjected as many times given the chance his plans to improve the economy by focusing on the creative possibilities through education. His focus was recognized as this being the main topic of his, never addressed by the moderators, or the education possibilities, and the relation to employment opportunities and improvement of the economic crisis situations. Our President has demonstrated a passion for solutions that will solve many of these type issues. Are there any of us listening to him?

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