Future educators speak out on the need to vote


by Félix Pérez

Brittany Majusiak, a future educator and a junior at Southwest Minnesota State University, commutes to campus four times a week (30 minutes each way), carries 18 credits and holds down two part-time jobs. But ask Majusiak if she is considering sitting out this election because of her non-stop schedule, and she answers unhesitatingly, “No, not at all.”

Majusiak, who attributes her civic spirit to her grandparents and the passion she feels for the students she will one day teach, said to Education Votes, “It’s definitely personal for me.”

Emily Oaks, a senior at Southern Connecticut University and, like Majusiak, a National Education Association Student Program member, has helped organize voter registration drives on her campus. “It’s our responsibility,” she told Education Votes. “We are the immediate future. In the next four years, eight years, 10 years, we are the ones who are going to be the new teachers, the doctors, the ones who open new businesses.”

To help spread the word about the importance of this election, the NEA Student Program produced a new video, “Your Vote Counts!” for future educators and all young adults. The video features students in their own voices speaking about what can go wrong if they don’t vote. At stake, the students warn, are student loan interest rates, the availability of financial aid, their future and the future of public education.

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