BREAKING STORY: Why Mitt Romney’s signature education law failed


The following is an excerpt from a story published in today’s Washington Post

While Mitt Romney’s tenure as Massachusetts governor is perhaps most notable for the enactment of same-sex marriage and mandate-enforced universal health care, the policy that Romney himself brings up the most is the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship program.

Under that plan, Massachusetts students who score in the top 25 percent of their school district on standardized tests get to attend state universities without paying tuition. He mentioned the program in his first answer at the town hall debate this week, as evidence that he’ll fight to make college more affordable.

Only problem: according to education researchers, the Adams scholarships are a raw deal. As Sarah Butrymowicz reports at Slate, a study tracking scholarship recipients found that they mostly went to people who would have attended college anyway. And the main result was to push those kids into lower quality state colleges that will reduce their earnings in the long run

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Reader Comments

  1. Glad I stumbled upon this site. During last night’s debate, Gov. Romney again mentioned getting rid of teacher’s unions. As a retired special education teacher, I appreciated having someone to help interpret the legal aspects of education and keep me informed. Their participation freed me up to concentrate on what I really wanted to do, which was teaching and interacting with students.

    Gov. Romney has mentioned this in at least two debates. I have not heard him speak about other unions–just the teacher’s unions.

  2. We are free to vote any way we like. Shame on you for not wanting to be educated on the true facts in this campaign. It is one of most important decisions must make. Thank you NEA for helping educators make this decision based on facts not lies!

    1. Fred, President Obama has made his share of mistakes. But his record — especially as it relates to public education — and rescuing the economy from going over the cliff has been strong and warrants a second term. He saved the jobs of more than 400,000 educators, helping to keep class sizes from ballooning. He has made historic investments in preschool, K-12 education and higher ed. He championed a law that prohibits insurance companies from denying children and others medical coverage from pre-existing conditions. And he led the fight to stop student loan interest rates from doubling. All this while facing a GOP Congress that set as its number one goal his defeat.

  3. I really don’t understand why KEA needs to be involved in politics! I think you could use your members due more effectively!!

    1. It’s kind of funny finding a comment like this the day that George McGovern passed. If we don’t participate in electoral politics–if we sit idly by and hope for the best–we’ll be giving permission for constant change to happen to us instead of happening with us. Given that the national narrative seems to be how hard to screw education professionals, instead of trying to work with us, I’m happy for every cent we spend in DC and beyond.

    2. Because education has been changed by politicians! They have made it political and NEA is pushing back-’cause one teacher by her/himself can not do on their own!

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