Who is the real Mitt Romney?


“Who Is the Real Mitt Romney?” highlights how the presidential candidate changes his story depending on his audience. Despite what he said during debates, in Massachusetts, Romney made cuts that led to teacher layoffs and higher college costs but gave tax breaks to the wealthiest. He’ll do that again if he’s elected President. The Romney-Ryan budget plan would cut education funding by 20 percent.

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  1. State IDs are not free in Ohio. You must have a birth certificate, also not free in Ohio, and a social security card. Many of my students do not have those items in their possession due to unstable home environments.

  2. Kim. Obama was handed a lousy economy as a result of both democrat and republican. He was also a part of that bad economy while he was a senator. I find it very ironic how our democratic leaders call on the wealthy to “pay their fair share”, but what are they paying? They are some of the wealthiest Americans around and yet decree the evil capitalists. The evil capitalists are the ones providing the jobs for working class Americans as well as paying for their (politicians) fat cat life style in Washington. The economy is not the result of the 10 years before Obama, but began with FDR and has increase with each president since. The donut hole was first filled in by Bush, not Obama. I didn’t believe it should have been filled in then and I don’t believe it should be filled in now. The environment that Obama has had to work is no different than any other president….it is filled with opposition and debate as it should be. Before you cry republican foul consider a few points. He has not passed a budget in the four years of office – it is as much the democratic senate responsibility as any. He was able to pass the Obama Care with the same democratic majority he has now, but can’t muster support to pass a budget. Tells me even his democratic leaders don’t by into what he has proposed. Besides, personally I don’t believe it is the governments responsibility to provide health care coverage to anyone. I provide my own and I believe everyone else should as well. I’m glad new housing is going so well for you. I find it interesting that new housing is booming, but people are still losing their houses to foreclosure….hmmm. Guess it is good only in certain regions of the country. I don’t want government to elevate me. If I want to be elevated or succeed, then it is my responsibility. I am so tired of everyone thinking it is the governments responsibility to take care of everyone. Find it in the Constitution and I will support it. Yes, just think how strong we would be as a country if we ALL WORKED and worked together.

    1. I agree that people should try to get work. But don’t you know people who try and can’t? Or who are disabled? Should we really take out the problems of adults on their children???

      The founding fathers said we have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Isn’t basic medical care essential to attaining this right? The fact is that before Obamacare, insurance companies were turning down people with pre-existing conditions–like my 25-year old ex, Josh. So he didn’t have money for his cancer screenings. He was fortunate I suppose, to live in a state that did take over to pay medical bills—but only at the point when the cancer was in his lymph nodes. He passed away. If he had medical care from the beginning, he may be alive today.

      I find your positions cruel and selfish. How could people truly believe that my ex, or a child, or anyone, should be left to die??? What if something happened to you, and you could no longer work–or your insurance dropped you after you got sick?

      Is it possible that our country could evolve beyond the idea of the Invisible Hand of greed and use our wealth to work together to make a better society?

  3. I’m not a politician and glad i am not, it seems that the stories are always changing like little kids picking sides for a baseball game! This is America Man please go out and be heard,Vote and may the best candidate win, or not !!!

  4. I am shocked how fast some of our teachers and NEA members changed from what we were before the election of 2008. I have always believed that this is our duty to help the needy and to feed the poor worldwide. Actually the poor people in our country cannot afford photo ID, but they have the right, the same right like you and I, to vote and for protection. The rich and lazy people, capitalists, must give back what they stole from the welfare folks, from immigrants, from the poor people worldwide, and give it back to us, to educators to teach the poor and underprivileged. People must not be greedy and must support our education, and our politicians must do everything possible to make everybody pay to support us and our union and education association. If they refuse to support our country, they don’t belong here, and we must show them the way out. People have choice in a democracy either support us or get out. America is not for greedy capitalists who hate our education, but a land of opportunity, equality, poor, honest, and hardworking citizens. Let’s help Obama once again and finally turn our country into a socialist paradise where every child will be guaranteed free and excellent education, free hot lunch, home, healthcare service, guaranteed job, free internet, love and care of their parents, caring well paid teachers, peace, and prosperity. These are common sense expectations, and if folks disagree with it, they don’t belong here, and must be dealt with by our government. Those who are against education and children must be declared enemies of the state and rounded up. Long live NEA! Long live solidarity of all the poor in the world.

    1. Look at the Constitution! Also, photo ID’s are free at all state license branches. We are a Republic! The sure end to a Republic is a Democracy turning toward Socialism. If you don’t like the Constitution and the way of life in America, then you should leave. If you feel so strongly about helping those you list as less fortunate, then give them your pay check.

  5. Hello people. Cuts must be made across the board. We cannot afford to protect our sacred cows when people are starving. All budgets must be cut and some programs eliminated. Government has grown with each president since FDR. It is neither Republican or Democrat problem. It is our problem and until we look at things realistically we won’t improve anything. I am a teacher of 29 years and I have kept my job not as a result of the Federal Department of Education (started in 1979 – what did we do before them?), not as a result of the NEA or my legislators, but through my dedication to what I do and to my students. I believe the need for unions has passed and so has all the whining. It is time to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work of fixing our problems. Spending more money isn’t the answer. We can no longer take in 7 dollars to every 11 dollars spent. Obama has accomplished nothing of what he promised and talk about duplicitous!?!?!?! Time for he and the rest of Washington to take a serious pay cut, eliminate their lavish vacations and number of vacations, cut the number of staff and get back to the Constitution. Really, you have a problem with photo ID cards required for someone to vote? If they are able to get themselves signed up for all types of social welfare programs, then they should be able to secure a free photo ID. People needed one to enter the DNC and to hear Eric Holder speak. Isn’t voting a little more important than the DNC or to hear Holder? Yes, I have voted for Republicans, but have also voted for Democrats. I vote according to the record of what they have done, not what they say they are going to do. Do your own research…..don’t trust the bias of others. After all, you are educated…put that education to use.

    1. Chris, All of your 29 years as an educator should have taught you this. that the teachers union kept teachers working who were not doing the job they could have been. This is why the union gets so much grief from everybody.
      With regards to Obama how can you say he did NOTHING of what he promised. Handed by the republicans the worst economy he kept us from falling. Our recovery has been slow but it is picking up. 3 years is not enough time to correct the 10 years of the wealthy running and buying our government officials. As you know greed is very seductive. For me a lowly parent I am just glad to see that when my child goes on to college (by the way Obama increased pell grants, and kept the interest rates down to 4% instead of the 7% the Republicans wanted) I can still insure him with my benefits. As a nurse Obama has closed the donut hole for my seniors and now preexisting conditions cannot knock out of recieving the care you need because you are sick. As a realtor the market is taking a turn for the better I am selling more homes now and in many states including Florida home build are up 75 %. I could go on but I am getting a little tired of typing because you see there are to many things that this president has done for me. In spite of the fact that day 1 the Republicans set a path to let the country go to hell in a hand basket to oppose him. What kind of country is this? If you think the wealthy understand your life you are sadly mistaken. Finally no matter who you endorse, remember the not to judge to harshly, look at what you could have done if you were president…in that kind of environment. It is just sad. lets all work together to make this nation stronger but elevating people like me…the little guy. Stop all of the genuflecting and lets show compassion for all. None of us belong here we are all immigrants don’t forget that FACT. This country was built on the backs of so many. Just think of how strong we could be if we all worked together.

  6. Who is the Real Mitt Romney?
    I’m not a supporter of Romney by any stretch of the imagination, but this video clip is wrong. Anything stated there could be taken totally out of context. It is not informative nor is it helpful. It is just another example of cheap propaganda. Everything there may be true,(only partly true?) but how would anyone know. How would this convince someone who plans to vote for Romney to not vote for him? It is more likely to have the opposite effect.

    NEA joins the mudslingers! They really let it fly.

    This type of video clip muddies NEA more than it does its opponents.

  7. This info and a video I just watched about his record as Governor of Massachusetts, makes me wonder; “How in the world does he manage to get such a high percentage of supporters for his campaign!”

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