November 2012: Will the American Dream be impossible in Michigan?

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by Dr. Laura Frey, President, Central Michigan University Faculty Association

Dr. Laura Frey

The demise of the middle class and erosion of quality public education for every working family is on a fast-track to reality in Michigan. The antics of Michigan legislatures, led by the GOP have shown their true alliance to corporate greed and privatization. The evidence is clear in over 100 pieces of legislation in the past 18 months that attack the foundation of the basic values of fairness and opportunity for Michigan families.

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Politicians in Lansing through their legislative initiatives have attacked worker rights and small businesses. These politicians demonstrate little regard to protect workers and enhance their conditions of employment. They do not represent the values of fairness and opportunity that all Michigan families deserve.

Their legislative actions do not represent a vested interest in looking out for the long-term best interest of Michigan families. If families do not have access to financial stability and quality education, then the state of Michigan will not have a strong middle class. If Michigan does not have a strong middle class, then the state can’t thrive.

All families in Michigan deserve to have good wages, good benefits, and good working conditions; the American Dream in Michigan. This will not be impossible with the current fast-track demise of the middle class and erosion of quality public education.

The antics of the past 18 months in the Michigan legislature have to be stopped and that can be done in November. Michigan citizens are standing up to say, “No More!”

Voters from across the state of Michigan are standing up to protect worker rights. They took the first step in June 2012 to protect the voices, and the future of Michigan families. A coalition of labor organizations, small businesses, and faith-based organizations through the Protect Working Families coalition filed more than 684,000 signatures with the Secretary of State to place a constitutional amendment protecting collective bargaining rights in the Michigan constitution. The constitutional amendment to protect the rights of middle class Michigan families will go on the ballot in the November election. The campaign to VOTE YES ON PROPOSAL 2 is on.

Will the American Dream be possible in Michigan? Yes, if Michigan has an amendment to the Michigan constitution that protects workers’ jobs, benefits, safety, and wages.

Vote YES for the middle class, for worker rights, and for Michigan families.

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  1. Quality education depends on quality teachers and fairness to all families is any state will never be accomplished. Each person must be ready to give up something or give more but it seems that most people are only concerned with their own interests. I sincerely hope that Michigan citizens will realize that everyone needs to sacrifice in order to get Michigan back on track. Education is a great concern and as I have several family in the education system, I know the waste and over compensation in the unions. This is money that should be used as a benefit for the education of the children, so like many of the working class who pay all their own health insurance etc. I do not support Proposal 2

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