NEA Priority Schools Campaign: Indiana school becomes the heart of a community


by Brenda Alvarez

Ask a parent. Ask an elected official. Ask an educator. Most will agree that today’s student is America’s next decision-maker, scientist, artist, and leader. However, for the last 10 years the emphasis of public education has shifted from developing well-rounded individuals, prepared to succeed in life, to testing low-level, basic skills in just two subjects: reading and math—thanks in large part to No Child Left Behind.

Educating the whole child goes beyond math and reading. It goes beyond exposing students to clubs that focus on dance, music, art, theater, and other creative disciplines. Educating the whole child is all of this—plus more. It’s putting the school at the heart of the community and surrounding every student with the support they need: nutrition, health care, counseling, and additional time for remediation and enrichment.

The educators at Glenwood Leadership Academy  (K-8) in Evansville, Indiana, part of the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC) district, are embracing this concept by demonstrating how collaborative efforts among groups with a vested interest in education can support the whole student and lift a community from despair.

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