Help restore weekend voting in Ohio


The 2004 Presidential Election was characterized by long lines and frustrated voters. In stark contrast, the 2008 Presidential Election was marked by easy access to voting. One of several reasons for the change: Ohio allowed in-person voting during evenings and weekends prior to the Election. Weekend voting was particularly popular in Ohio’s largest counties, where it was a clearly preferred form of voting by African American and low-income citizens.

This Presidential Election year, the Ohio Secretary of State and the Ohio legislature have completely eliminated weekend voting. Right now Ohio voters will only be able to vote Monday through Friday.

Voting is priceless! Here are three ways in which you can take action to restore weekend voting.

  1. CONTACT THE SECRETARY OF STATE: Urge the Secretary of State to change his directive and allow weekend voting. For the first time since early voting was permitted in Ohio, the Secretary of State has outlawed early voting on weekends. Let the Secretary know that voting should be easy and convenient for all. Call the Secretary of State today – (614) 466-2655
  2. CONTACT YOUR COUNTY COMMISSIONERS: Urge your County Commissioners to pass a resolution in support of weekend voting. Ask them to follow the lead of Commissioners in Mahoning County and pass a resolution allowing the county building that houses the board of elections to be open on weekends. Call your County Commissioners today. Don’t know your Commissioners’ number? Look up your County Commissioners’ names and their contact information here –
  3. CONTACT YOUR BOARD OF ELECTIONS: Urge your Board of Elections to pass a resolution in support of weekend voting and call on the Ohio Secretary of State to change voting hours to include weekend hours. Call or email your Board of Elections today. Don’t know the Board of Elections’ number or email? Look up your Board of Elections here –

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