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  1. Lynn Oliver

    The concerted battle for privatization of American education tax dollars began during the Reagan-Bush administration. The defeat of the voucher concept based on the moral and ethical “right” of every American child to an education, regardless of their parents financial means, was a hard fought battle won by teachers with the help of their unions. Sadly, the consequence of that victory was the institution of standardized testing diverting billions of tax-payers dollars from the classroom to private publishing companies. The goal of these tests is not to improve education, but to challenge public education and reframe the argument for privatization. Now the discussion is about consumer quality “the right to choose” no longer about the inalienable right of the children of citizens to an education. Proceed with caution.

  2. Zach F

    You must not be so shallow in regards to Romney. Remember Norquist stated that it doesn’t mater who becomes president. Their policies are already written. They only need someone with three digits to sign the darn things. So a vote for Romney is a vote for the Tea Party and their radical agenda, which will spiral the American Society back to before Roe v Wade. They are even talking about getting rid of the Civil Rights Amendment. There’s more, a whole lot more. It’s absolutely scary. So don’t just listen to Romney, listen to all those who stand behind him and beside him. Romney will be a puppet and he doesn’t care about that. He just wants to be President. It’s just another trophy on his mantel….another notch in his belt. He feels entitled.

    ANOTHER THING. You DO NOT want a business man as President. Business men are Dictators. In corporations everyone’s existence is dependent upon the wishes of the Owner. The majority of business men do not consider nor care about the social and personal concerns of their employees. Romney doesn’t have the ability to relate to the average person, like you and me and the majority of people around us. So he will not know about and cannot relate to yours and my issues. ….average everyday issues and concerns Americans endure and confront daily. Yes he has the ability to turn a million to 20 million and believe me, if I needed that kind of advice, he’d be among the first I’d consult. But as President. No.

    Contrary to the thoughts of a number people, President Obama has done a tremendous job. Remember that he’s had do what he’s done on his own. Some Republican members of the Senate and Congress vowed to block and be against anything, any ideas he may have because they want him to not look good so that he can be a one-term President. So they were willing to through the country under the bus in order to pursue their own agenda. This, my friend, is why we are not further along than we are. The President has done great and if the House would have approved his jobs Bill September 2011, Unemployment would be below 7%. This would not have caused the debt to increase, it would have caused the opposite. Economics! Economics! Economics! Study what FDR did to help get the country back on track and out a depression, after the Republican President lead us into depression. Sounds familiar? Government investment! The Republican leadership during that time were saying what they are saying now. They were SOOOOO wrong then and are SOOOOO wrong now.

    Another huge point. Romney scares me when he talks about sending American troops into the middle east. I feel very bad for and President Bush should feel very bad also for sending all the American Troops into Iraq based on a lie. They knew it was a lie and they did it any way. SOOooo all the Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Uncles Daughters, and Aunts that were killed, should not have been. Republicans are too quick to jump into war. They don’t respect the lives of the men and women in the armed forces. I was a Marine and i see/saw it. The rich feels that we are at their disposal to serve whatever purpose they have and if we die as a result, then so be it and they don’t care. Shame on them. Even though i was a Marine, i do not want my son or daughters to go into battle for some selfish, dishonest agenda of a President who DOES NOT VALUE their lives over the almighty dollar.

    The economy is coming back. It has and will take a while longer. I am being patient and so should you. It was the policies of the Bush administration and GREED of shady mortgage brokers and Investment Companies and Banks that caused us to get into this mess. In effect, we practically burned our house down. It takes a while to rebuild the house if it is only the family who is available to rebuild it. It was just that bad. If we can return to the economic policies of the Clinton administration we will rebuild a surplus again….in about 10 years, but we must not allow those in power with selfish and personal agendas to pull the wool over our eyes and dupe us like the Nazi’s during the days of Hitler. If you are in DC and pass the Holocaust Museum, you will see a huge sign with words referring to the Nazi Propaganda Machine. The Republicans have mastered that technique and has employed it over the last 4 years. And you know that story ended. DO NOT LET YOURSELF BE FOOLED.

    Some of you talk about “looking at the facts”. Are you really?! You are not. You are looking at what is on the surface and what is being said, but not beneath and between. An epitome of an oxymoron “Republican and not Rich”. The Republican party has been taken over by a small contingent of extremist. The conversion of the Republican party is like a ghoulish episode of Scooby Doo.

    Republican leaders always run up the debt and the Democrats always get the country out of debt. The populace forgets what it was like and who was responsible for getting the country in debt and elect a Republican for president, who then lead the country into debt again. (This is the majority of the cases in history).

    Vote for President Obama to save and continue recovering the country.

    Vote for Romney….do so at your own peril. :-)

    • Zach F

      grammatical error “‘throw’ not ‘through’ the country under the bus….” :-)

  3. Eileen T.

    I’m still undecided to be honest. Broad-trained personnel and Gates have already infiltrated our public school systems making the workplace morale really tough to be in (i.e.-Chicago). All this under Obamas AND GW Bush’s presidencies. In my opinion my vote will be the pick of the lesser of the two evils.

    • Cassidy

      Couldn’t agree more with your last sentence…

  4. Sue

    Oh My! I can’t believe what I’m reading. How could a teacher vote for Romney? To the person who hasn’t had a raise in six years, didn’t that start with George Bush? To the person who thinks we need a business man, do you really think Romney is the business man to fix this mess. He buys failing businesses and tears them apart for money. What part of the business, country, do you think he’ll sell off first? Without a doubt, it’s public education. He’ll privatize it, so his wealthy, business friends can make money. To the person who thinks we need someone who believes in God running the country, would God like people to be denied health care because they don’t have money? I don’t think so. Do you want to live in a country where you’re only entitled to the education or medical care you can afford? I don’t. That doesn’t represent the values of this country. And, who said President Obama doesn’t believe in God. Incidentally, I haven’t had a raise in several years, too. That’s not because of President Obama, it’s because of the Republican Gov.of Indiana, Finally, I was once a registered Republican. Republican teachers, your party left you a long time ago.

  5. Sue

    Can’t believe a teacher would even consider voting for a Republican. They have never cared about education. They always vote against anything to do with education. I’ve been a teacher for 37 years and always voted Democrat and will continue. Go Obama!!!

  6. Connie Matthews

    It would be really nice if the sources that the NEA chose we’re not so biased! Using the website as the source of information on President Obama is obviously fair because that is approved by him and is written by his people, BUT then the information about Mitt Romney is from the left-leaning Boston Globe. Really? How can we be educators and not be teaching facts? I want a business person in the White House. I want someone who has signed a paycheck and can figure out a way to save something that is failing. It doesn’t matter how much money Obama wants to give to education IF THERE ISN’T ANY MONEY TO GIVE BECAUSE THE COUNTRY IS BROKE!!! Look at the facts, not some journalists opinion. Watch the debate tonight. Be informed. The only thing pertaining to schools that the Obamas have changed in almost 4 years in office is the school lunch menu!!! Is that the change you were looking for?

    • Elisa

      Connie, I am concerned that you are a teacher who doesn’t spell correctly. Your first sentence should read “were” rather than “we’re.”

  7. Nancy Hixson

    I am in total agreement with Gov. Romney and will vote for him.

    • Waynetta Johnston

      It is hard to detect from one short sentence but I so hope Nancy is joking. Imagine if he got in! *shudder*. The guy doesn’t even believe in climate change, same sex marriage or choice.


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