Lawmakers head home, ready to hear from you


Members of Congress will be at home in their districts until September, but don’t think of it as their “recess.” The month of August is your chance to make sure your elected leaders hear what’s on your mind.

When Congress returns after the break, they will be debating and voting on issues of critical importance to educators. On the agenda – whether education programs will be subject to deep cuts that will cause great harm to students; whether those most able to do so will be asked to pay their fair share toward deficit reduction; and whether the middle class will see tax hikes while the wealthy continue to get tax breaks. As an educator, YOU have the power to impact these debates. Your experience and your expertise are critical! Members of Congress need to hear how their decisions will impact you, your students, your family, and your community.

Talking with your Members of Congress this month won’t even require making an appointment. Most will be out in the community talking to constituents and making their case for re-election. Senators and Representatives will hold back-to-school events, townhall meetings, meet-and-greets at the local supermarket and maybe Labor Day picnics, and you should consider them all opportunities to make sure your voice is heard.

When you see your Members of Congress, ask them:

  • How will they ensure equity for all students – to make sure that every student, no matter where he or she lives, has access to the best education possible? Learn more about ESEA reauthorization and how educators are leading the way to improve student achievement.

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