House Republicans protect tax cuts for rich and corporations

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By Carrie Lewis

The House Republican leadership voted yesterday to give the richest two percent another handout, while pulling the rug out from under millions of children and their families who are falling out of the middle class and into poverty at an alarming rate.

The House passed a bill by a vote of 256-171 to give more tax breaks to the wealthiest in our nation (see how your Representative voted). At the same time, the House defeated the Senate-passed bill to extend tax breaks for the middle class by a vote of 170-257 (see how your Representative voted).

“NEA’s three million-plus members simply can’t understand why politicians insist on giving tax breaks to those who don’t need it, while abandoning the working families who do,” said educator and NEA President Dennis Van Roekel.

NEA opposed the House leadership’s plan and supported the Senate-passed bill providing tax cuts for the middle class.  Read NEA’s letter to the House and our press release on the votes.  The tax cuts passed by the House give a $160,000 tax break, on average, to someone who makes more than $1 million a year.  At the same time, under the House bill:

  • 12 million families would lose an average of $800 from the elimination of the Child Tax Credit expansion.
  • 11 million families would lose an average of $1,100 from the repeal of the American Opportunity Tax Credit for college expenses.
  • 6 million families would lose an average of $500 from the elimination of improvements to the Earned Income Tax Credit. Learn more.

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