Video: Education Support Professionals reflect on the importance of political action


Education Support Professionals (ESPs) reflect on the importance of voting, political action and ongoing participation in their communities and workplaces.

Almost a half million Education Support Professionals are in the ranks of NEA’s 3 million members. School support staff – secretaries, maintenance workers, bus drivers and many more – work side-by-side with teachers, professors, administrators and parents in every community. Without them, the schools and colleges do not open or close. They work hard to make a positive impact on all students. ESPs are educated, well-trained and experienced. The majority plan to stay in the profession until they retire. More than three-quarters of ESPs live in the school district where they work, impacting the economy of their communities. These school workers have a voice and they use it to speak effectively for their work, students, schools and community. ESPs believe in advocacy and political involvement because such actions lead to healthier workplaces and communities. They believe the everyday challenges they face make it well worth-while for everyone.

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