Romney education remark favors the wealthy…yet again


by Brian Washington

Once again, Mitt Romney’s words are revealing his true allegiance.

During a campaign stop in Virginia June 27, Romney, the presumed Republican nominee for President, said that he wants to make sure that students get as much education “as they can afford.” (Skip to 9:20 in the video below to hear his comments for yourself.)

For wealthy folks like Romney—who’s estimated wealth is approximately a quarter billion dollars—this isn’t a problem.

But if you’re a middle class family struggling to make ends meet, Romney’s statement carries some very grim implications…especially when you consider that a quality public education is key to the economic outlook of working Americans and the country at large.

The bottom line: Mitt Romney’s out of touch with the values and needs of middle class Americans.

Leave a comment below and tell Romney why education shouldn’t only be available to those who can afford it.

Reader Comments

  1. How shocking to think that voters in many places have not had to show an ID to vote. My state has required it for as long as I can remember. College students are required to have an ID. An ID is needed to drive, get on a plane, see a doctor, complete banking transactions, get a credit card, apply for government help, and many other things. I wonder how so many people have gotten along without a valid ID. Also, it makes common sense that people need to show that they reside in the district in which they are voting. Indeed, help people without ID’s get them!

  2. I am on the fence about the upcoming election. But, with my youngest child just starting college and the FAFSA determining he is ineligible for even work study in spite of me being retired and my husband without a job, I am afraid our son’s college debts would be a worse burden if you were to win the election. He has only been approved for a small subsidized Stafford Loan and a little bit bigger unsubsidized loan. I don’t know yet how much more he will have to borrow during the next four years. Please let me know that you will not increase the cost of college loans and further cut funding for higher education. That would be a wrong thing to do.

  3. I’m an English Educator. I came from a large family and if I didn’t have a small scholarship and loans, I never would first have been able to be a journalist nor second have the wonderful opportunity to give back to the community as an educator. Also, despite having a trust fund for our daughters, they also needed loans at some point since they wanted to go to the best schools possible for their fields. I don’t know what will happen with future generations if Romney is elected. I certainly as an educator and a parent and now a grandparent cannot condone his views for middle class americans. He is catering to the wealthy. I can’t believe he is so out of touch with reality. AC Milwaukee.

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