Romney ‘applauds’ drastic budget plan; see how plan affects your state


by Félix Pérez

Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney praised the budget plan put forward by a top U.S. House Republican leader, calling the plan “bold and exciting.”

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s plan has been sharply criticized by advocates for children, the elderly and public education, who charge the blueprint fails the test of balance, fairness, and shared responsibility, while pandering to a small percentage of wealthy individuals.

I’m very supportive of the Ryan budget plan,” declared Romney. “It’s a bold and exciting effort on his part and on the part of the Republicans and it’s very much consistent with what I put out earlier . . . I applaud it. It’s an excellent piece of work and very much needed.”

The Ryan plan is scheduled to be voted on by the House this Thursday, where it is expected to pass on strictly party-line vote.

Romney’s support notwithstanding, the budget proposal has been met with disbelief, as families, schools and communities continue to struggle with the economic downturn.

The National Education Association, in a letter to the House Budget Committee, said the budget “reflects the wrong priorities, choosing to meet arbitrary budget targets on the backs of the middle class and our most vulnerable populations.”

The Food Research and Action Center, a national nonprofit that works to eradicate hunger and undernutrition, said the Ryan plan would force states to make “impossible choices” regarding food assistance: “Do they cut benefits, or do they place children and seniors on waiting lists for food assistance?”

According to the Coalition on Human Needs, the proposal “pursues a dangerous vision,” adding, “Slashing education, from preschool to Pell Grants, means the next generation will have fewer opportunities to qualify for good jobs. Massive cuts in health care and nutrition will threaten our children’s health and development; cuts in housing will threaten family stability.”

An analysis by NEA found that the Ryan budget proposal would eliminate more than 190,000 Head Start slots for children from low-income families, lead to the loss of jobs of 29,000 special education teachers and teacher aides, and reduce or eliminate Title I services to 4 million students.

Find out how your state would fare under the Romney-supported budget proposal on Head Start, special education and Title 1. Take action: Tell Congress to reject the draconian Ryan budget and to pass a budget resolution that reflects the President’s emphasis on education as a top priority.

Reader Comments

  1. *30 years of trickle-down, supply side, top-down economics- top marginal rate was dropped from 71% to 28% in 1981 (If you think that’s bad, look up the marginal rates during the Eisenhower and Kennedy boom years of the 50s and 60s when they were over 90%). Now, the rich get their tax breaks UP FRONT without having to invest in the USA. Pre-1980s, to get a break, the rich invested in the USA: USA corporations, USA education funds, USA scholarships, USA payrolls, USA entrepreneurs, USA research & development, NASA, Natl. Parks, philanthropy, etc. After the 80s, there was no need to invest in the USA; they got their break UP FRONT. Thanks to FTAs (below), the best investment on the Street became the offshored factories set up in Communist China, whose sweat shop work force works for $1.36/hr. avg wage now, let alone the $.35/hr it was in 1996 when Clinton granted them “Most Favored Nation Status” as a trade partner.

    *20 years of Free Trade Agreements NAFTA (1994), GATT, Uruguay version (1994), WTO (1999), the recent S. Korea, Panama, Columbia FTA, and the upcoming SE Asia FTA, have contributed to the cause of 9 million manufacturing jobs being offshored or sent south of the border (this includes the middle class jobs in the garment (1960s), shoe (1960s), and TV industry (1970s). This mass exodus of jobs has led to the USA, instead of holding its own in international commerce, being on the short end of a trade deficit of $600 Million annually over 10 years, while corporations have seen record profits, are sitting on over $1 Trillion in disposable cash, most of which is parked in offshore accounts with impunity, and yet they and BIG OIL still receive $tens of Billions of tax payer credits, exemptions, write-offs each year, while they kicked the USA worker to the curb for a higher profit share, and the USA declines. Decent paying JOBS for our massive middle class is THE issue for the USA to put us back on the road to prosperity. That and imposing tariffs on the cheap imports that flood our shores daily, but profit nobody but the Corporations who’ve outsourced them, and Red China.

    *Deregulation of the banks, Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act (1999) led to the perfect storm caused by the “smartest men in the room”
    -Savings and Loan Crisis
    -Enron scandal
    -Long Term Capital Holdings- a hedge fund management firm
    -Wall Street mortgage bond market- where sub-prime mortgages were bundled up with prime mortgages, sold as AAA prime mortgage bonds on the market, knowing they would fail.
    -Madoff Investment scandal
    -And now, Citizens United vs. Fed. Election Commission (2010), money is speech, corporations are people, ALEC, Super PACs may be the final nail in the coffin of the USA middle class, places a grotesque imbalance of power and influence in the hands of the wealthy and powerful who have infinitely more access to Congress and can pretty much determine the process of electing political candidates, as well as the outcomes of elections; most assuredly in their favor: A Plutocracy by any other name.
    -Record number of filibusters (over 300 since 2010), once a rare measure taken to slow a far-reaching bill from being railroaded through the Senate, is now a commonality to block ANYTHING by this administration. See Bill S3816, “Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act (2010), what it contained, and how they voted!

    And even though you and I have lived to see the horrible consequences of this unprecedented shift of power to the top, and the decline of our beloved nation, those who would promote the furtherance of that power shift (namely, the GOP) are pointing to the commoners and public workers saying things like, “… and EVERYONE must sacrifice…” meaning, “those public workers, teachers and the damnable unions that represent them…” While those at the top, who perpetrated this shift remain high and dry like the “Untouchables” of the 1920s, thanks to their mouth-pieces in the GOP.

    Greed; plain and simple, has brought the USA low, but the GOP will like to blame the victim and deflect any responsibility. This election should be a landslide, but it will be close because the GOP is the master of what I call the syntax of deception. They depend on their constituency to be either intellectually lazy, or complicit with their deceit.

  2. You get what you ask for. How many of us can say that we have not Identified with the conservatives. How many of us were in on the ground floor of the Tea Party. How many of us can say that we were too smart to blindly vote for the recommended candidate?

    Add it up. When we fail to realize that the ONLY reason we have anything above MINIMUM WAGE in Public education, is because of the strength of our Union, the deviation of our leaders, and those who realize that following can be as important as any other job.

    it is time for us to face the facts. when our “RIGHT” neighbors, relatives, and others begin to declare how lazy and good for nothing Theahers and other workers are, present company excepted. You had better believe that they do blend all of into the same pot. Given a choice, they will destroy Public Education, your pensions, and any and all ENTITLEMENTS like Social Security and Medicare. they will do it and they will smile. They will smile because they know that God in on their side to take back their Country.

    The only remaing question is if we from neither the Right nor the Left but the Surviving side of this struggle come out the other side as Americans. One Nation Under God.

  3. Sounds like Romney is excited about starving people, increasing unemployment, and reducing wages and thus taxes. Depend on it, he will pay his fair share of 14 percent; and point to his successes in putting companies out of business and firing people for massive windfall (undeserved?) profits in compensation. (Strictly a corporate raider- something sneaky and not quite honest.) And he ought to be ashamed, but proudly brags about his savvy business abilities. (But like the rest of us, he WILL have to eventually face his maker and explain his anti-Christian stance.)
    Boy, its getting worse- can’t find any statesman that I like. (Where is there another Goldwater?) I don’t like any of the greedy politicians that seem currently available for ‘public’ office and service.

    1. I think Richard Scott Bowler’s words are inspiring in this analysis: “Bottom line:
      – As things stand now, we are spending $1T more per year than we have.
      – This kind of debt results in inflation, stagnation, and recession – hurting the poor most of all
      – The bulk of federal spending is in entitlement programs, so that’s where the discussion is
      – There is evidence to suggest that confiscatory taxation reduces net revenues
      – People are truly suffering and not always able to take care of themselves
      – Americans don’t ignore the suffering of others – instinctively we help

      These are the realities. We’ve got to COME TOGETHER to find solutions – not call each other names. Paul Ryan has the COURAGE to make a proposal, Mitt Romney has the LEADERSHIP not to leave him hanging all by himself. Now, the rest of us need to show the CHARACTER to work towards solutions.”

      Blame the current leadership in Washington for not getting the various players together to solve our nation’s problems. So, I agree 100% with your statements about a need for new leadership. However, I think Mr. Bowler’s words are a breath of fresh air on this matter. Follow the link on this page “I’m very supportive of the Ryan budget plan,” to read other postings.

      1. There are several myths that this writer has bought into and one major one is that the government can’t create jobs. I think FDR would repudiate that one. Another one is that tax cuts reduce the deficit. It sure hasn’t done too much so far, even Regan raised taxes on the wealthy. Another major falsehood is that the free market solves everything. The deregulation of the financial market is the major reason that we are in the dumpster now. It is so easy to blame everything on the teachers, unions, and the Democrats. It’s more difficult to learn from the past and ask what would FDR do? We are throwing away our rights to a free and appropriate public education, affordable health care, clean water, air, and food so the super rich, big business, and oil conglomerates can keep and make more profits. It is time to abolish the pollution of money into our political system and do away with the Citizens United decision that is just a front for real influence on our justice system.

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