Ohio middle-class voters sift through political spin, facts

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by Félix Pérez

If the past is prologue, Ohio residents will in all likelihood hear attacks against workers and less-than presidential comments from Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum between now and when the Buckeye State holds its delegate-rich Republican primary March 6.

So what, then, are some facts Ohio middle-class voters might keep in mind as they are bombarded with millions of dollars in slick ads and wall-to-wall campaign speeches?

Worker Rights
President Obama, who believes “collective bargaining is a fundamental American value,” spoke out against Ohio’s Senate Bill 5/Issue 2, which sought to strip the rights of teachers, police officers, firefighters and other public service employees. “Public employees should not be blamed for a financial crisis they had nothing to do with,” said President Obama.

Romney — after initially saying he supported Issue 2, then declining to endorse the ballot measure — changed his mind yet again after receiving intense criticism from ultra-conservatives. “I am 110 percent behind Governor Kasich and in support of [Issue 2].”

Auto Industry Rescue
Faced with one of the most momentous decisions of his then-young administration, President Obama, in the face of relentless criticism from Republican leaders, decided to extend a federal government loan to GM and Chrysler. Today, 1.45 million people are working because of the rescue, and GM has regained its perch as the world’s No. 1 auto maker. (Ohio is the nation’s second largest auto producing state.)

Romney penned the famous column titled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.”  To this day, Romney maintains he was right and that the auto industry would be better off had it followed his advice.

Santorum, ignoring the resurgence of the auto industry, agrees with Romney’s anti-rescue position.  “My feeling was that we should not support, the government should not be involved in bailouts, period,” Santorum said in remarks to a Detroit big business group.

Support Educator Jobs
President Obama led the fight for the education jobs and economic stimulus laws that together supported more than 14,000 Ohio education jobs and nearly 15,000 school and community college modernization construction jobs.

Romney called the jobs bill a “temporary little Band-Aid.”
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Reader Comments

  1. It’s no surprise that politicians paint their political conversations with a broad brush, but the outright deception of many of the claims (spins) from Republican candidates, Fox News, Rush, and John Beck types are something that has reached shameful proportions.

    Since I jumped out of the GOP fold last year, I’ve been getting a lot of this stuff from my buddies. Here’s an example from the GOP website itself. It is entitled, “ObamaCare Flatlines: ObamaCare Taxes Home Sales – Clobbers Middle Class Americans” Here’s the GOP.gov site address:


    Here’s the snopes check on it: http://www.snopes.com/politics/taxes/realestate.asp

    This blog asserts that ALL home sales would be subject to a 3.8% estate tax. Turns out the 3.8% they’re talking about is ONLY charged on unearned income on home sales that yield over $500,000 PROFIT. That’s 3.8% on just the profit, not the total sale. They would get the $500,000 untouched… If the PROFIT was $500,100, for example; they would owe the big bad government $3.80. How many “middle class” homes you know of brought in a profit of over $500,000?

    This is the type of deception I’m talking about that trips up the intellectually lazy masses who take at face value everything they trot out. It’s like the GOP depends on their constituents to be intellectually lazy or complicit with the deceit!

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