Quiz: Do you have the facts on job creation?


by Amanda Litvinov/image by photologue_np

There’s a lot of talk these days about who the job creators are—but you deserve to know the truth. With today’s six question quiz, you can test your knowledge and make sure you have the facts about job creation.

Question 1 of 6: Which Presidential administrations have created more jobs over the past 70 years?

Reader Comments

  1. As a retired high school art teacher I have a lot of background in education politics. I never was in agreement with the politics of NEA. Here they expose themselves for what they are… shake and bake liberals attempting to spin (lie) to get their followers to “tell their friends and neighbors” how unfair the tax system is…. well, I say what about the nearly 50% of people who don’t pay Federal tax??? Obama says everyone should play be the same rules. I agree!!! Let the boneheads in congress abide by the laws they put on all the rest of us!!!! Obamacare will not be an improvement for anybody… “gotta pass it so we know what’s in it” ??? How irresponsible! Tell your friends and neighbors “Anybody but Obama in 2012” !!!

  2. I suppose this distinction depends upon which jobs one is discussing–private sector or public sector. Democrats tend to create many more public sector jobs, but if the private sector doesn’t produce enough wealth there isn’t enough of a tax base to support it. There are many valid functions for the government, but these were already in place well before the 1950s. Government exists not to give individuals financial security, but to provide an environment in which citizens can create their own. The only rights we have are those that are God-given and would exist in the absence of any government. Everything else is unnecessary and has caused this massive national debt, regardless of which party was in charge when it happened. Every time I hear the word “entitlement” I want to scream at someone!

  3. How can a group of educators ask a question like that? “Which presidential administrations have created more jobs?” That graph doesn’t represent the creation of jobs BY administrations. It represents growth DURING their administrations. Imagine If a teacher used that graph in a lesson and asked that question while being evaluated? How irresponsible! I’ll bet there’s a bar graph out there that will show a strong correlation between the growth of gov’t jobs during those same periods of job creation you are highlighting! There was an article on Yahoo last week showing the wealthiest counties in the country. The first 3 were all suburbs of Washington D.C.- not the suburbs where the famed 1 per centers of Wall Street live.

  4. Wonder why Republicans want to break the teacher’s union? It’s because the major activity of the NEA is promoting the Democratic Party. This article has nothing at all to do with education. Why is it on the NEA website? Because the NEA isn’t about education either, it’s about politics. I pay over $700 a year in association dues. I’d like to see it go to something actually related to my profession.

  5. Business/creators create jobs. Wherever there is a need or desire, the people who step uo to fill those needs and desires create jobs. The politicians actually interefere.

  6. This article was skewed and only regurgitation of the democratic message.

    Government does not create jobs – long lasting jobs can only be created by the private sector. Gov’t can create a climate for small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed. Stimulus, handouts and welfare do not work. What is “fair share” of taxes if approximately 1/2 of the population pays no tax. Do not confuse income taxes with capital gains tax – they are two different taxes.

    If teachers ran their classrooms like Obama is trying to run our country, then we would be taking points from the higher achieving students and giving them to the lower achieving students. They need to pay their fair share!

    1. Regarding your claim that 1/2 pay no taxes, they DO pay gas tax, state income tax, property tax, FICA on their FULL income, etc…

      GE paid no fed tax either. Does corporate welfare bother you?

  7. Very happy to see the data that shows what I have known for a long time – which party has truly been the friend of working families over the years. I would like to share the graphs – could you either post a link to the actual numbers or email them to me?

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