IN Student Ed Assoc lobbies representatives during “Day at the Statehouse”


by Teresa Meredith, photos courtesy of the Indiana Student Education Association

On Tuesday, Feb 7th, 92 college students from across the state of Indiana, many traveling more than 2 hours one way, converged on downtown Indianapolis for DATS—Day At The Statehouse. This number is up over past years’ averages of 25-30.

The day began with a meeting with state superintendent of public instruction Dr. Tony Bennett. Students asked questions about teacher evaluation, grading of schools, and more. Meetings with legislators over lunch followed, then observing House and Senate sessions.

The many students voiced concerns focused particularly about the state’s new evaluation model being pushed into schools which takes into account a school’s overall letter grade as well as student test scores. One male student even went as far as to talk about his days of being a ‘handful’ in high school and how wrong it would have been to have held his teachers accountable for his choosing to misbehave.

Additionally, Rep. Tim Neese presented the student leadership with a flag that had been flown over the statehouse, to be used at this year’s Outreach to Teach school, Tipton Street Center Alternative School, in Elkhart, Indiana, following installation of a new flag pole.

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Reader Comments

  1. The “male student’s” name is Nicholas Reed. He was raised in Marion, Indiana. I was there along with him and fellow students from Manchester College. He did not mention himself specifically as much as he mentioned the entire student body refusing to listen.

    1. It seems as though the article did not want to mention that fact, and instead single this student out instead of maintaining the idea that it was the entire student body acting as one. This student did not act alone.

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