NC governor slams anti-educator bill


by Felix Perez

UPDATE: NCAE has secured a temporary restraining order blocking this law. Click here to read the latest update.

In today’s Charlotte News & Observer, North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue rips the state General Assembly for its cloak-of-darkness vote to strip the North Carolina Association of Educators’ ability to collect dues from its members. NCAE has denounced the maneuver as retribution for their outspoken criticism of the Republican-controlled legislature’s cuts to education funding, which made the state 49th in the nation in per pupil funding and 48th in teacher pay.

“The Republicans in the General Assembly didn’t have the votes to get what they wanted legally,” Perdue said. “So, in the dark of night, they engaged in an unprecedented, unconstitutional power grab. I am saddened for the people of North Carolina that the Republicans abused their power and chose this destructive path.”

Reader Comments

  1. The so called “Tea Party” is a farce. The REAL Tea Party stood for FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, and FREE SPEECH! Shame on them for disgracing our country. This group will not stand, as it’s divided our country with it’s “agenda” to undo the American Teachers’ rights, firemens’ rights, and police men and womens’ rights to democratic process, free speach, and the right to bargain! Teachers’ voices need to be heard, not put under a bucket.

  2. The republicans are prepared for their annihalation in 2012. They have pretty much guaranteed an Obama victory now. They think they were given carte blanche and now they will see where the American people really stand. They have made a decisive mistake. They obviously feel money will trump the people and that we can/will all be bought like them. Time for Americans to show that money doesn’t win elections!

  3. It’s not amazing that poll after poll is against these “fake” tpublicans, yet they keep acting like the children they are hurting. They know their in big trouble come Nov., so they like to do as much damage as possible. Shame on you all. Act like the God Loving Christians you claim to be!

  4. This scary trend seems to be happening in a lot of states. The only way to reverse the trend is to get these idiots out of office by VOTING. Get everyone you know OUT TO VOTE in November.

  5. It all makes perfect sense. An educated person has a view of history and knows how to THINK AND REASON — and can see the dangers of the current Republican agenda and its lock-step hyper-partisanship. Destroy education, and what’s left are mindless workers, cogs in the corporate wheel. Destroy the unions, and these poor workers will have to take what they’re offered by the fat cats, no negotiation allowed. It blows my mind that anyone outside the 1% thinks this is the way to run the country.

  6. It seems as if Republicans all over our country are bent on cutting funding for education so they can line their pockets whick are bulging already. The most important things we have are our children and to cut funds to educate them is hypocracy especially when these Republicans claim to be pro education. Take Gov Walker in Wisconsin for example. He has cut education to the bare bones and wants to cut more. Not only this but he is trying to cut Medicade to the point of removing thousands of poor Wisconsinites, then claimed to back off on this. The “backing off” was ordered by the Feds but he is trying to credit for it. Reading between the lines shows that he is still trying to pass legislation to do the cuts that he wants. However not to where the millionaires are concerned. We have to take back our education!!!!!!!!!!! and our country.

  7. Finally people are beginning to see the light. That it is some people in the Republican party who are responsible for the mess that we are in in this country. They did everything they could do to stall the talks on the payroll tax cut for the middle class. They are trying to strip away the rights of the unions to do business with their employees. They probably wish that all of us who disagree with their policy of letting the rich get away with everything and stick it to the poor and middle class, to shut up. But we won’t because this is a country that should be united and we are not. As long as we punish people for speaking the truth about injustices towards those without wealth and/or are struggling to maintain, then there has to be people who will speak up. Martin Luther King died for this struggle–to speak the truth and now we have brave men and women–who are now speaking up about the injustice of the rich getting away with not paying their fair share of taxes. We now have brave men and women who refuse to be intimidated by those in power who think we (the middle class and the poor) should bow down and take what they throw out to us. I hope the North Carolina unions and the governor take down this Republican establishment–I am sure that they are still making their millions and even more millions in terms of perks paid by the citizens. Stand strong North Carolina unions!

    Jane Collins

  8. I hope that voters will remember the Republicans when elections come around and vote against them. Vote for candidates who support PUBLIC EDUCATION and its importance.

  9. Why would the Legislators go after the Teacher’s Unions except as retaliation? This is elementary school playground behavior not what you would expect of adults. Maybe we don’t have adults in the Legislature–thought just crossed my mind as I was crediting them as being adults.
    Can anyone tell me why there is a concentrated effort to discredit Teachers/Educators across the nation? The crescendo has been building for several years and now has hit a peak. Weaken the Teacher’s Unions, in those states which have them; discredit Teachers in every way possible; push for vouchers and tax payer funded private schools; eliminate/reduce funding for public schools to a point that many essential programs are eliminated; and yet there are still more attacks. When will parents and community leaders stand up and say, “Enough!”?
    I am glad that Governor Perdue has made a statement. Are you willing to also make a statement?

    1. I wish Michigan had a Governor who would stand up for Public schools, teachers and students. We need to vote all of them (public education haters) out of office. But before they go, they should have to do one week community service in a public education classroom. Let me rephrase that; not only should they have to be in the classroom, but have to work the same hours as the teacher – both in the classroom or at home.

    2. Jullia,

      It is happoening everywhere and what disturbs me the most is that I assumed that the Democrats would support public education and defend teachers but in my state of Washington even the man running for governor, Jay Inslee, whom I otherwise support, says we have to admit it’s time to get rid of “bad” teachers. As a retired teacher, I find that as offensive as George Bush’s education secretary calling the NEA “terrorists”. I’m sick and tired of everyone falling for this myth about the hardest working people I know. Even President Obama still believes in charter schools in the face of growing evidence that they are no better than most public shools. It’s time for national action. Thanks for your comment.

  10. What’s lost in all this is any pressing need from the interest of the public good. Workers have a right to associate in this country and there is no harm to any other interest or party in letting them do what they want with their paychecks. I am not naive. This is a raw political power play a la Scott Walker of Wisconsin et. al. of course. But the old outmoded notion of legislative bills responding to people’s real needs was left behind here. That this bill even should have come before a state legislature is bad public policy. Why too, do Republicans have to work so very hard, and go so far out their way to victimize ordinary Ameriicans? The main job of the opposing party in the system these days is to simply have Democrats play defense 24-7. Unannounced votes on bills within hours and doing it in the middle of the night is far from the transparency that the citizens of North Carolina deserve. On all counts this stinks! I can’t even find the pig’s lips so I can put lipstick on him!

  11. There’s not a lot of damage that can be done to North Carolina education, they pay at the bottom and rank at the bottom. The republicans think they can bully the Teachers into improvement, rather they just try for a new low. I had a student from the South in a tenth grade math class. That right to work state felt he had enough math to graduate High School. Up here in the North, he wouldn’t have gotten into High School. You get what you pay for.

  12. Are the Republicans now taking on leftist socialistic control strategies of controlling the teachers? New laws mean new inforcement issues. That means bigger government. We need less interference and more cooperation. Messing with educators’ rights to organize in this way is not creating a good environment of cooperation. “Don’t mess with teacher” is the first thing learned in school. I predict this issue will come back to haunt the Republicans.

  13. Their goal is to make public education look so bad that they have an excuse to privatize all schools. If they aren’t able to privatize all schools they will make it so that the only ones left in public schools are the poor and special education students whose needs can’t be met in private schools. I am from Wisconsin and the agenda is clear. It isn’t about what is best for kids, it is what is best for the business people who line the pockets of the Republican legislators. We also have seen the biggest of back door and behind closed door tactics. They knew they would get resistance so they hid in the night and passed bills. Cowards! But it is okay, our kids can suffer as long as the special interests succeed! When I became a teacher, I honestly never thought we would have to worry about such things. How naive I was.

    1. Exactly! I’ve said this many times. They are out to destroy public education. They need to go back and read the history of public education. They need to research what it was like for children before public education.

  14. This is the agenda of the Republican governors and Republican state legislators all over the country. Look at Scott Walker in Wisconsin and John Kasich in Ohio. They also worked to turn the private employees against the public ones. This is no accident. Remember this when it is time to vote these knuckleheads out

  15. Cleaning political house would be a start to reversing the way our country is being driven. Our forefathers from 1776 have to be rolling over in their graves. To think, they gave their lives to create our freedom and the country that is to be “UNITED”, but instead, is being divided in many ways-educationally, financially, spiritually etc. The United States of America needs to step back in time and review what she truly stands for. It infuriates me, as a 20 year educator, to watch prison after prison being constructed and school after school being shut down. You tell me, what is right with this picture? We can spend millions and millions of tax money on convicts, but not on public education for our children, OUR FUTURE!!!!! United? It means nothing anymore….

  16. We need to sympathize with our NC Union brothers and sisters… Then ALL of the remaining states NEED to discuss, pilot and implement external dues deductions. We must protect our Associations from other egregious Republican attacks on our members and our membership.

    1. Don’t worry – NCAE will make sure that this issue is addressed so that we don’t have to worry about immature legislative shenanigans interfering with members’ rights in the future. In the meantime, these jerks in the legislature will certainly have this come back to haunt and embarrass them.

  17. This is still America. No matter what the republicans do or think . Do what is necessary to keep your rights . We are all in this together, here in Jersey in feel your pain and frustration. All union workers must stand together . Good Luck!

  18. The jackboots of the Koch Bros. will not let democratic process stand in the way of their power grab of state governments. Check the leaked records of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to learn of the corporate conspiracy to secretly draft model pro-business legislation that has been used by state lawmakers across the country. Unlike many other organizations, ALEC’s membership includes both state lawmakers and corporate executives who gather behind closed doors to discuss and vote on model legislation. In recent months, ALEC has come under increasing scrutiny for its role in drafting bills to attack workers’ rights, roll back environmental regulations, privatize education, deregulate major industries, and passing voter ID laws. For more information:

  19. I’m ashamed of my home state, however; I’m not surprised that the Republican Party and their attempts to go back in time. The year is 2012, but the Republicans are trying to take us back to the 1950’s.

  20. Shame on North Carolina’s House Republicans….. is there no more integrity anywhere in the GOP? I am sure we, here in Colorado, will see similar legislation introduced this year – legislation that we will defeat for yet another time!!!!! That seems to be the extremists plan….keep us so busy defending our basic rights that we barely have time to run a good offense.

  21. I teach in North Carolina. I do not understand why the legislators are so concerned about teachers paying their NCAE dues through payroll deductions. What is it to them? It is bad enough that we have not had a pay raise in four years. It appears that a group of people are hell-bent on ruining education and blaming teachers for the ills of society. This has to stop.

  22. NC Legislature, what– You trying to bump CO off the bottom of the barrel?! Gee, thanks!
    Shady & ignorant dealings, trying to blame education & teachers for the wrecked economy! but no doubt profitable for the crooks!

  23. Shame on you legislators. Aren’t you tired of having your stae in the bottom 10 for teacher pay, per pupil funding, and quality of education? Come on, look past your own interests and look to the future of your students.

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