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Illinois Teacher Sets Cyber-Lobby Email Record

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by Felix Perez

“If you say nothing when you see a social injustice, you are just as guilty as the offender.”

That’s the philosophy of Jacquelin Woods when it comes to communicating with her elected representatives in Congress about education-related concerns.

Woods, who teaches English and Advanced Placement English to seniors at Thornton Township High School in Harvey, Illinois, sent more emails to her senators and member of Congress this year than any of the more than 500,000 cyber-lobbyists signed up with the National Education Association.

Woods sent a staggering 1,252 emails. The next closest cyber-lobbyist emailed her federal elected senators and representatives 839 times. All told, NEA activists sent more than 530,000 e-mail messages to Congress.

Woods says she “warmly encourages” her colleagues to reach out to their elected officials on issues that affect their students and their school. “I know how busy they are. I believe in leading by example.”

When all is said and done, says Woods, all educators want the same thing: “Every student should be given access to the best education money can provide.”

Want to join Woods and become a cyber-lobbyist on behalf of students, schools and the middle class? Visit the Legislative Action Center at

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