Wisconsin Governor Recall Hits Half Million Mark

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by Felix Perez

For four weeks volunteers have spanned the state — in malls, outside sporting events, at traffic intersections, in church parking lots, at family gatherings — collecting signatures to recall Governor Scott Walker and put an end to his power grab at the expense of the middle class.

The hard work is paying off. On Thursday, December 15, the coalition organizing the recall effort, We Are Wisconsin, announced that more than 500,000 Wisconsin voters have signed the petition so far.

Walker, assisted by ideologically driven state legislators, rammed through a law late this winter that silences workers’ voices on their jobs and imposes massive education and health care cuts, while offering tax breaks to corporations.

Petition organizers have a goal of 720,277 signatures by January 17.

“We will need an additional 250,000 signatures to make sure Walker and his army of lawyers will not be able to stop the will of the people,” said Kristen Crowell, We Are Wisconsin executive director.

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  1. KEEP ON WISCONSIN! Virginia teachers support you in your quest to return your state’s government to the will of the people.

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