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Video – Michigan Education Association Releases New Ad, “Stand Up For Kids, Not CEOs!”

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The Michigan Education Association recently unveiled a new ad, “Stand Up For Kids, Not CEOs!”

To get involved in the campaign to protect public education in Michigan, click here and visit the main Kids Not CEOs site.

Reader Comments

  1. B. Heart

    Think of the children … the children!

  2. larry cronin

    Whenever the GOP controls the entire political system in Lansing , they do whatever they want to do. It doesn’t matter to them what their constituents think. The cute commercial might make people think things should change ,but we are powerless to stop it. Snyder and his troops take no prisoners.

  3. B Luoma

    Great ad! It’s shameful what’s being done to our schools!

  4. William Sweet

    Sen Pavlov and Rep Daley, 52 students in a North Branch Chemistry class is too many.

  5. Ed

    We need to help all kids

  6. Dave Gustafson

    Outstanding ad!
    Right up there with Meg Witman.


Reader Comments

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