Video – NEA Releases Ad in Support of the American Jobs Act

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The National Education Association today released a new ad to selected markets in support of the American Jobs Act. The ad has gone up in areas across the country that have been hit hardest by education cuts, including Flint and Grand Rapids, MI, Springfield, MA, Dallas, TX, Pittsburgh, PA and Richmond, VA.

The American Jobs Act would inject billions of dollars into the public education system, including;

  • Providing employment for up to 280,000 public school teachers laid off due to state budget shortfalls & cuts
  • Providing for repair and replacement of 35,000 crumbling public schools

Click here to email your member of congress and tell them to support the President’s American Jobs Act.

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  1. I like the add but I think we need to let people know how big business is treating teachers and attacking unions by passing these unconstitutional laws. Now that Michigan has passed this anti tenure law, administrators don’t have to have just cause to fire us. How can we advocate for the needs of children when we can be fired for any reason? We also don’t have to be called back by seniority order when laid off, so administration can hire more friends and family.

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