Wisconsin Democrats Easily Win Recall Elections


Two Wisconsin Democratic state senators handily won recall election challenges from Republicans yesterday.

Sen. Jim Holperin defeated Kim Simac, winning 54 percent of the vote. Sen. Bob Wirch defeated Jonathan Steitz with 55 percent of the vote.

“Voters once again stood up and spoke out to say (Governor) Scott Walker’s extreme agenda isn’t what they want for Wisconsin,” said Wisconsin Education Association Council President Mary Bell. “Last night’s election results send a loud and clear message that Wisconsinites are bound and determined to reclaim balance in their state government and that they continue to support those who protect the middle class. Clearly the strategy to move this state forward focuses on electing leaders who share Wisconsin’s values — and Senator Jim Holperin and Senator Bob Wirch fit the bill.”

Last week, two Wisconsin Democrats picked up state senate seats in recall elections against sitting Republicans. Democrat Jennifer Shilling defeated Republican Sen. Dan Kapanke. Democrat Jessica King defeated Republican Sen. Randy Hopper.

Reader Comments

  1. Remember, there’s a bad apple in EVERY basket, some you trim up and throw it in the pie anyway, others you just throw out (teachers in need, Scott Walker, respectively).

  2. At times times of economic change require a unique leader. I think the leader needed for WI at this junction of the economy was voted out. I think the replacement will not have the resolve needed as demonstrated in Govenor Walker. Chaos will continue and after many days of strife and lack of compromise the Feds will do the bailout. So outsiders will have the golden solution with lots of strings attached.
    Good Luck WI. You have set a poor example to the younsters in your state.

  3. I think Scott Walker has done a “good” thing in trying to control the outrageous spending from the Unions for Education. Unions should have much stricker rules and teachers should be able to be fired when necessary! I honestly can’t believe that they are so protected by the union that when there’s a horrible teacher that is not even “qualified” to be teaching, that they can remain teaching. Believe me, I’VE SEEN IT! My son had a teacher that was asking the students what the correct answer was for an assignment. She had no clue what she was even teaching and wasn’t even a Sub. Unbelievable. After enough parents complained about her she FINALLY was “let go”. I’m sure the term “fired” wasn’t even used. Get my point???? I think ALL states should follow Scott Walker.

    1. You have made wonderful points. As a retired teacher, I have seen the inability of schools to effectively fire teachers. If the administrator did not work with the low functioning teacher in attempt to raise his skill set then he cannot be fired. A teacher was given good reviews every year but the school decided she was to be let go for ineffeffective teaching…in your 9th year with the district. If she were to quietly resign, then the super would write a favorable recommendation. All of this stinks. Why did it take 9 years of continual before the need to terminate? Gov Walker was a real hope and change person.

  4. The WI recalls (D’s – 5, R’s -4) serve up a great lesson as to the critical importance of political organization. If we stand strong for progressive values the majority will stand with us. Keep standing strong all over the country and never give up!!

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