Wisconsin Voters Recall Two Republican Senators


By Cynthia McCabe

In an unprecedented series of Wisconsin recall elections today, two Democratic challengers knocked off Republican state senate incumbents — a sign of continued citizen outrage over efforts by Gov. Scott Walker to effectively eliminate collective bargaining for public workers in that state.

Democrat Jennifer Shilling defeated Republican Sen. Dan Kapanke. Democrat Jessica King defeated Republican Sen. Randy Hopper. Two Democratic senators face recall elections next Tuesday.

The citizen-initiated recall elections came after Walker and conservative lawmakers rammed through legislation gutting public workers’ collective bargaining rights this past spring. Throughout the late winter, hundreds of thousands converged on the state capitol in Madison and in cities across the state in protest.

Today, grassroots progressive groups’ 12,000 volunteers knocked on 92,000 doors to get out the vote. Polling locations reported high turnout numbers, with some areas notching close to the traffic that came in during the previous presidential elections. A complete statement from the Wisconsin Education Association Council is below.

Although the two-seat pickup did not flip control of the Senate from Republican to Democratic control, Mary Bell, president of the Wisconsin Education Association Council said the recall elections:

“Represent a movement to elect leaders who represent Wisconsin values. Across the state, citizens spoke up – and voiced their frustration at the direction this state has been heading under the leadership and extreme agenda of Scott Walker. Wisconsin deserves better – and high turnout across the state sends a loud wake-up call to the Wisconsin Legislature that the public is watching – and is concerned about the need to restore fairness and balance to the Legislature.”

“Flipping two Senate districts clearly indicates progress has been made – and that’s a credit to voters for helping Wisconsin take a strong step forward in the battle to uphold the middle class.”

Reader Comments

  1. Defeat is not in an educator’s vocabulary. We won! The teachers in Wisconsin and the support of all those who stood together in the effort to take back the government for the middle class in Wisconsin and the country have shown it can be done. We didn’t get the three or more that was the goal, but we got two. Eyes are opening to what is really happening. I applaud the Democratic candidates, and everybody who was and is a part of a movement that is for the good of America now and in the future.

  2. Wisconsin Democrats and those independent thinkers who have seen what The GOP has been doing to destroy the middle class in this country are my heroes. I was hoping that 3 seats would change but I am not discouraged and I hope that those who have worked so hard over the past 6 months have the stamina and the courage to continue the fight for the middle class. Last night was a huge win! The fact that Democrats won in gerrymandered districts that were drawn to be safe for republican incumbents is huge. The fact that the Koch brothers, along with their corporate buddies, threw tens of millions of dollars into a recall election and still lost two of their foot soldiers at the state level is a huge win. I know that the state can get rid of Snotty Walker in November. You people in Wisconsin are an inspiration to the nation. Thank You!!!

  3. Yeah! We stood up and spoke and everyone listened! We showed them that those that attack the right to collectively bargain, and who tout the goals of dismantaling medicare, social security, and public education will face major challenges even in districts with strong GOP bases. Watch out conservatives – it will cost you time, money, and has already cost some their positions in government. Keep it up people!

  4. Okay, now that I have actually gotten a handle on all of the results, 🙁 wish the outcome was better. Everyone worked so hard for progress would have loved to have gotten more of those Senate seats.

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