All Six “Fake” Candidates Defeated in Wisconsin Primaries

photo by Scott Iskowitz/RA Today

On Tuesday, July 12, all six “fake” Democratic candidates were defeated in primary elections, paving the way for competitive recall elections on August 9. In order to push back the recall election dates and give seated Republicans more time to prepare, Republican candidates entered six races as Democrats, but all six were soundly defeated. Five of the Democratic candidates defeated their Republican opponents by more than ten points.

We Are Wisconsin Statement

“Now that self-proclaimed fiscal conservatives have set $500,000 of taxpayer money on fire in fake primaries that served no purpose beyond their ‘do-anything’ quest to maintain power, voters will have a chance to put the brakes on Scott Walker and his extreme agenda in legitimate elections on August 9th. The most despicable manipulation of Wisconsin’s electoral process — including fake candidates, secret turnout operations, and undisclosed illegal expenditures — is finally over. Despite their best attempts, the out-of-state corporate interests that bankrolled shady operations to activate a maximum GOP turnout have failed miserably.”

For more information, visit We Are Wisconsin.

Wisconsin AFL-CIO Statement

“The shameful and despicable GOP tactic to delay judgment day for ‘The Walker 6’ by running fake democrats needlessly cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.  “This GOP trickery fell flat. Today’s result proves the people of Wisconsin are serious. On August 9, we will recall the Senators who chose to stand with Scott Walker’s corporate backers at the expense of working families.”

“There is a clear energy to restore democracy to Wisconsin,” said Phil Neuenfeldt, President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.  “In today’s economy, Wisconsin voters want a fair and balanced approach to government.  What we have seen in the last few months is a pure partisan attack on workers, the poor, the elderly, and on our local communities.  Today’s vote shows that the people of Wisconsin are on course to hold their elected officials accountable.”

Read more on the Wisconsin AFL-CIO blog.

For more information on the the upcoming recall elections in Wisconsin, please visit the Wisconsin Education Association Council at or We Are Wisconsin at

Reader Comments

  1. On Wisconsin! I am a California Republican and CTA/NEA member standing in support of your recall efforts.

  2. The defeat of the Walker 6 gives me hope that Michigan can also take back their government. I applaud Wisconsin voters for their leadership in recalling legislators who are targeting specific groups of workers and attempting to destroy collective bargaining in their state. Thank you for being role models. I hope and pray Michigan voters can continue to follow your lead.

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