North Carolina Legislators Vote to Override Gov Perdue’s Budget Veto


by Felix Perez/photo courtesy of Jim Bowen

Keeping in character with their less than honorable intentions, radical North Carolina state House members voted in the dark of night yesterday to override Governor Bev Perdue’s veto of a Republican-authored budget that will lead to the elimination of 6,000 teacher and teacher assistant jobs and dropping North Carolina to 49th in the nation in funding per pupil.

Dismayed but not defeated, hundreds of energized educators organized by the North Carolina Association of Educators descended on the state capitol in Raleigh later the same day for a lobby day and to deliver 10,000 pennies and copies of the state constitution.

The pennies represent the temporary one cent tax that educators, parents and the majority of North Carolinians supported extending.  The sales tax, which would have pumped more than $1 billion into state coffers and offset cuts to education, was eliminated in the vetoed budget.  It’s the first time in state history a budget has become law without a governor’s signature.

In a statement after the House vote, Governor Perdue said: “Tonight, the Republican-controlled legislature turned its back on North Carolina’s long-standing commitment to our people to provide quality schools, community colleges and universities — all to save a penny.”

The House veto override vote, 73-46, held at 12:05 a.m., was followed yesterday afternoon by the GOP-controlled Senate, 31-19, in favor of an override.

Sheri Strickland, a 32-year educator and NCAE president, made it clear that educators, parents and students are not standing down. “It is unfortunate that today legislators have decided they do not want to listen and they have chosen to turn their backs on our future. . . But our efforts will continue.  We may have not been able to save the one cent tax today but the fight to save our schools will continue.”

Educators and supporters of public education are continuing to organize and mobilize to restore budget cuts and stave off other legislative threats to public education.  NCAE’s lobby day was preceded last month by a rally that drew more than 3,000 North Carolina educators, parents, students and public education activists to protest cuts to education funding.

Reader Comments

  1. Beware of every step the tea party/republicans are taking. They are ruining education in Wisconsin and taking away our rights to have unions. Just wait till the balance of power has turned in our legislature…we will get back what they have stolen from us. Pray that our recall of gov. walker will kick him out and if it doesn’t, we will find ways to counter every slimy action he takes till the next election.

  2. Every single politician who has voted for this will not be voted for ever. I shall work diligently now and at election time to ensure this.This irresponsible eighth grade political bullying has got to stop. The school system in Mecklenberg Co is the WORST I have ever experienced in 49 years of teaching-and these ignorant people think it is great.I pity our kids and hope the parents revolt.It is time to stop thismadness and exploitation of kids.

      1. This is wht Republicans and tea Partyers are doing all over the country. As if the achievement gap and income gap is not already wide enough. Now the morally bankrupt GOP is going to make the USA lower than 15th in Education in the world. they are also going to ensure a quality education only for themselves and their children by destroying public education. This was the plan all along. George W. Bush and No Child Left Behind was merely a continuation of this legacy that was started surprisingly enough under Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s. It is running rampant throughout GOP enclaves such as the South and is spreading to the Heartland and beyond. this is the plan of the 1%ers. It’s why they started voucher programs and want them for private and parochiol schools. Unfortunately, their kids will be ignorant too when the the Tea Part Wing demands an end to teaching science like evolution.

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