Educator Bashing Draws Disbelief From High-Profile Corners

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By Cynthia McCabe

Want to get Jon Stewart fired up? Tell him that teachers are overpaid or have easy jobs.

On The Daily Show Thursday night, Stewart interviewed education expert Diane Ravitch and the comedian/newsman pointed out that educators on the front lines have become easy targets for political opportunists.

That is the thing that has been the most mindblowing for me… to see people blaming the avarice of teachers. Or the idea that ‘Hey, they only work nine months a year.’ God forbid you do the job of a teacher for a year. It will blow your mind at how hard (it is.)

“Those people have no idea,” Stewart, whose mother is an educator, said of critics. “And yet that’s the conversation.”

For those beleagured by the attacks on educators’ rights and work ethic, support that came this week by way of Stewart, his Comedy Central colleague Stephen Colbert and actor Matt Damon in a CNN interview provided heartening moments.

Last week, Colbert put his trademark satire on The Colbert Report to work, jokingly railing at “those freeloaders with their cushy state jobs, like snow plow operators, prison guards and teachers. Oh, they’re always driving around lording their ’93 Nissan Sentras over everybody.”

“I love to see Stewart and Colbert standing up for teachers, because they are in a unique position to point out that the reforms being suggested by (Wisconsin Gov. Scott) Walker and others are nothing BUT laughable,” Idaho elementary education student Nancy Kapcia Jones wrote on NEA’s Speak Up for Education & Kids Facebook wall.

In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan this week, Damon expressed his frustration at the current climate.

“The idea that we’re testing kids and we’re tying teachers’ salaries to how kids are performing on tests, that kind of mechanized thinking has nothing to do with higher order,” said Damon, the father of four children. “We’re training them, not teaching them.”

Here’s the Jon Stewart clip with Ravitch:

And here’s Stephen Colbert, talking about the fight for the middle class and workers’ rights:


Matt Damon talks testing on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight:

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  1. This singling out of teachers, is part of the overall Radical Right Fundamentalist goal, ( e.g. Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell, etc., and the notorious ” the Family Church” at 133 E. Street, Washington, D.C.) .Their plan is to take over the Federal Government, and use force by whatever violence this requires, and it will be used without mercy. Think and believe their ONE WAY, or you die.

    This anti-women, anti- rational, anti-educational (they will only allow Church schools, and No Public schools, etc, etc. This is the greatest threat to our Democracy and Constitution, ever.

    As the Putizitzer Prize author winner, Chris Hedges says, it is too late for negotiations or comprise! Toward them, it is not a time for bargaining, it is too late. The only defense is to fight and point out every time what they really want, which is to get rid of the Constitution, and the Federal Goverrnment, and then we will be a highly disposable aspect of a rigid, fascist, racist, theocracy, And this is not about religion or the existence of God. It is only about gaining more and more POWER, and Control, first of the US and then the World. Everyone will conform to their narrow way or you will die, and not so quickly. All of us will feel great pain, and suffering all the time.

    This is War, a Christian Jihad agaiinst the American citizens, except the very rich. This is worse than the Cultureal Revolution in China, or being under the big thumb of Stalin, HItler, or Po Pat, only much worse. Your choice, get in line for standing on edge the death pits, be shot and fall into these pots, OR FIGHT AND POINT OUT WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON, AS IT IS WAY TO LATE FOR TOLERANCE AND BARGAINING!!1 NO MORE Mr. AND MRS. GOOD CITIZEN.

    FIGHT AND CONFRONT, OR WE ARE ALL DOOMED!!! This is no joke!!!

    tHESE ARE A MUST READ, FOR US TO SURVIVE. Oh, there is C STREET by Jeff Sharlett, Ph.D. Reading BLACKWATER is very useful.

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