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Election season is in full bloom, and self-proclaimed political professionals, pollsters, journalists and others who profess to know what will happen on November 2 are out in full force. They tell us who is going to win and why based on their data-crunching models and inside connections. These village criers î º Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike î º share their opinions far and wide.

But in the end, only one opinion matters: you the voter.

That’s why the EdVotes website recently added its Campaign 2010 web page, a resource for education voters that strives to cut through the chatter. The page is based on feedback from teachers, other public school employees and supporters of public education across America. Click on the Campaign 2010 tab above to find out what’s at stake, read issue profiles of selected federal and gubernatorial candidates, print ready-to-share fliers, and even check your voter registration status and polling location. Check back regularly as the page adds new features and content from now until Election Day.

‘NEA members, parents and other friends of education made the impossible possible recently when they willed Congress into passing an education jobs bill that had been declared dead many times over by the experts,’ says Karen White, a former high school teacher and now lead political organizer for NEA. ‘The EdVotes Campaign 2010 web page is a tool that will help us stand up for students, our schools and our communities at the ballot box.’

Supporters of public schools are everyday Americans. We work hard and play by the rules. We take care of our elderly parents, worry about our children, and volunteer in our communities and churches. We believe that public education is a cornerstone of our democracy. We believe that the key to a strong economy and good jobs is a high quality education for all.

Public schools, teachers and education support professionals are under attack by those who would rather criticize our professionalism than help find solutions. The EdVotes’ Campaign 2010 page offers a tool so that we can join together and again make the impossible possible.

Teachers and other educators work every day to provide a world class education for our students. But our students need elected officials to fight for them too, political leaders who will stand up for our schools.

Visit the Campaign 2010 page regularly and sign up to volunteer and receive regular updates.

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