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In his State of the Union Address, President Obama called on Congress to send him a new jobs bill to sign. He said it should be ‘our number-one focus in 2010.’ The House of Representatives has already passed the NEA-supported Jobs for Main Street Act, which would save or create hundreds of thousands of education jobs, and provide a critical infusion of funds into struggling communities.

Now, it is the Senate’s turn.

The NEA urges the Senate to, at minimum, support the Jobs for Main Street Act as passed by the House. Some points to consider:

  • Quick action is needed. State budget outlooks for 2010 and 2011 look bleak, and governors and state legislatures have already begun to grapple with this budget crisis. Take a look at how much funding your state will lose once the stimulus legislation expires, unless Congress provides more funding in a jobs bill.
  • In addition to $4 billion for school construction, the bill includes an Education Jobs Fund — $23 billion that will help states retain or create an estimated 250,000 education jobs over the next two years. This fund will have an immediate impact. Take a look at how many education jobs the House-passed bill will save in your state.
  • This important legislation represents a critical step in helping stimulate economic recovery. Public education is the best investment both in the short term and long term for our economy, our schools, and our students.

Your quick action will make a difference. Contact your senators today and urge them to pass a jobs package that includes, at a minimum, the investments in education provided in the House-passed bill.

Reader Comments

  1. I believe all teachers and education related jobs should have a master contract that would cover all unions in regard to pay and a benefit package along with it to cover every teacher from state to state. It would make a stronger union to.

  2. Last I was aware, education was supposed to be one of the most important things someone could have. Thanks to our government, schools are closing and thousands of teachers across America are losing their jobs. And for what? To put more money back into the pockets of our power-hungry, money-loving, radically evolving socialist government. Fantastic job, America, you picked a real winner.

  3. Save Jobs??? What about those poor teachers in Rhode Island? Why didn’t the entire country walk out on strike the moment they were all fired? Where is the NEA on this? Why are they not call their membership to action? And this “Race to the Top” money, with such strings attached, we sure were duped by Obama. I feel foolish for ever supporting him! Let’s not make that mistake again and let’s make sure he knows that we will not!

    1. Where is the NEA on the thousands and thousands of lost teaching jobs across the nation? I am one of over 3,000 in the state of WA, and more teaching jobs are on the cutting block. I agree with Ms. Fargo; I want to know why we aren’t organizing a nationwide walk-out or strike to show our support for public education? Are we just going to let things get so bad in public schools, letting thouse from the business sector run our public education system into the ground like a bad “business”, so that the private sector takes it all away? Education is not a business endeavor. Teachers are not customer service representatives. We need to strike to re-educate the public and our elected officials as to what the purpose of public education is, and we need to do it ASAP. But if this degradation of public education continues, we will only be educating kids to be consumers (or canon fodder), not free-thinking citizens.

  4. I believe the Congress should enact no new education initiatives such as merit pay or charter school funding until it FULLY funds the mandates it has placed on local school districts or gets rid of those it doesn’t want to fully fund. My state’s new governor wants to cut hundreds of millions from the education budget while pushing funding of charter schools and merit pay for some teachers. Tens of thousands of jobs will be lost if he is successful. Legislators have got to stop mandating things for which they are unwilling to pay.

  5. Wake up call ! Florida’s economy as many others are circling the financial drain. Foreclosures and high unemployment have drained local and state coffers. Teachers, support services, police, and fire employees are going to be cut by the thousands. The loss of tax and real estate revenues have put state and local economies in serious jeopardy. There is no money to replace technology, books, and or fund programs. Everybody will take it on the chin especially the kids!

  6. To Pat Crowley,
    For your information, if you do a good job at teaching you will keep your job. If you by into what the NEA is doing (the reading list) and obamanomics there probably is not much help anytime soon.

    1. Mr. Stacklin, you must be a man living in a man’s world because you’re so off-base! I am an excellent educator and I got cut due to “lack of funding.” My old school cut the teacher librarian post and they closed the library altogether. So, where are you coming from that you actually think working hard and doing a great job is enough to protect you from losing your career? Because, let me tell you, there aren’t any public schools within 500 miles of where I live that are hiring middle school or high school or post-secondary English teachers.

  7. Why are we trying to pass a jobs bill? I just looked at Apparently, most of the money in that stimulus bill has not even been spent yet. Why don’t we use that first, before we try to pass even more spending bills?

    1. Ms. Durfee,
      You are right on, but with the trillions of dollars spent we don’t need any more dept. for our kids and grandkids.
      I believe that the NEA is going down a very bumpy road when they recommend the writings of an avoud Communist. What say you?

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